China Allows Rhino And Tiger Bones For ED Treatment

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

The use of rhinoceros horns and tiger bones in medicine has been banned for the last 25 years in China. The ban was in place in an effort to reduce killing of these animals.

Illegal killing of rhinos and tigers surged as demand for their parts increased due to their supposedly great powers. And in order to prevent these species from going extinct, their parts were no longer allowed in medicine, predominantly Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM).

However, last year, this ban was terminated. Which means that rhino horns and tiger parts are again allowed in medicine.

Can rhino horns or bones from tigers cure erectile dysfunction?

There is no reliable scientific evidence stating that they do.

What is the street value for one kilo of rhino horn?

The current estimate is about $60,000 per kilo, which is more than the price of gold.

There are currently about 4,000 tigers left in the wild, 5,500 black rhinos and about 18,000 white rhinos.

The numbers are down about 90% from the recent past.

Animal parts may or may not cure your ED. But using these parts will cause numbers of these animals to drop.

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