Salt Can Cause Dementia And Erectile Dysfunction

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

High Salt Intake Can Cause Dementia And Erectile Dysfunction
You have probably known for most of your life that consuming large amounts of salt is not good for you. You may already know that this can affect your blood pressure and cause cardiovascular complications.
A new research published in Nature Neuroscience has now also shown that large amounts of salt can cause dementia in mice.
After the researches fed the mice with a high-salt diet for eight weeks, the bloodflow to the mouse brains was reduced by ~25%.
The research found that this was largely because the fine linings of the blood vessels (endothelial cells) produced significantly less nitric oxide.
The salt also caused the mice to produce a protein that reduced existing levels of nitric oxide.
Nitric oxide is the same element that is crucial for you to get and maintain an erection. It is what causes blood vessels in your penis to expand, and which engorge your penis with blood. With inadequate nitric oxide, getting and keeping erections becomes almost impossible.
In other words, a high salt intake can also probably cause erectile dysfunction.
90% of Americans consume more salt on a daily basis than what is recommended.
Do you consume more salt than you should?
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