Sex Drive And Long Distance Running

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Exercise and Libido
We are being told that exercise is good for us, and that exercise is important in order to keep our sex lives alive.
However, there was also a study some time ago that told us that too much high intensity exercise can hurt a man’s libido and ability to perform sexually.
So what about long distance running?
The answer is similar to that for the men who engaged in lots of high intensity exercise.
Too much running will also harm you. A year-long study of 1,077 men showed that men who did significant amounts of long distance running over a number of years had a substantial lower libido than other men.
Studies on women also show that very intense endurance training for long periods of time can cause menstrual dysfunctions and potential infertility.
What’s the lesson? Exercise is good for a healthy sex-life, however too much exercise will hurt your sex drive. Everything in moderation
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