Will Sex Lose Its Importance In Society?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Some sex researchers think so.

And they think so partly because we seem to have less sex now than we had a decade ago.

Even though we today have dating apps to help us find partners, research shows that we have less and less sex.

For instance, most Brits today have sex only once every 75 days.


Why do we seemingly have less sex today than before?

Analysis on sex toy purchases indicates that we have more ‘solo-sex’ than before.

Which could mean that we are less comfortable being naked with another person.

Could the culprit be porn?

Since porn is so easily accessible, do many men find adequate satisfaction in porn?

Or do we have less sex because erectile dysfunction is getting more and more prevalent world-wide?

Or is the blame on social media? Are we simply worse at forging bonds with other people today, and therefore have less personal interaction?

What about stress? We stress more than ever and we take more medications than ever to combat stress. This often has a negative impact on sex drive.

Which is it? Why do we have less sex today than before?

There is probably no one answer. But here are my thoughts:

There is more obesity, more depression, more stress, more sexual dysfunction and more use of medications than ever before.

We are simply unhealthier today than ever before.

Another key reason is probably time. We fill our lives with so much stuff, that there is less time to have sex.

Hence, us living less healthy lives and having less time than before are probably two key reasons why we have less sex today than before.

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