Smoking Associated With ED In African-Americans

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

African-Americans who smoke are more likely than white Americans to develop erectile dysfunction.


First of all, African-Americans are three times more likely than white Americans to develop what is called peripheral artery disease.

Peripheral artery disease is a disease which restricts blood flow to the extremities.

African-Americans that smoke cigarettes are also twice as likely as African-Americans who do not smoke to develop peripheral artery disease.

This was revealed in a study of more than 5,000 black men (and women) done by the Jackson Heart Study in Mississippi.

Why is reduced bloodflow to the extremities not a good thing? 

Well, if this bloodflow is reduced, the bloodflow to you penis is probably also going to be reduced. And if there is less bloodflow to your penis, you are in the danger zone of developing erectile dysfunction.


Reduced blood flow from peripheral artery disease is also associated with risk of stroke, kidney failure, pain in the legs, the need for amputations, several heart disease risk factors including high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

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