Testosterone Holds The Key To Your Biological Age?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

biological age

If you want to function well sexually as you age, if you want a healthy sex-life, and if you want to have a strong libido, you want your biological age to be lower than your actual age.

Certianly not above your actual age.

What is biological age?

Your biological age is a measure of the state of your body relative to absolute ages. Meaning, a person who is 55 years old may be in poor physical shape, and therefore his biological age may be 62.

And a person who is 70, may also be super fit and have a biological age of 53.

The lower your biological age, the better you will normally function sexually.

So the question is, how do you lower your biological age?

The answer it to live healthy: Exericise well, eat well, not stress, sleep well, get sunshine, etc.

And also, research has found that a high testosterone level is correlated with low biological age.

And how do you increase your testosterone levels? I have written a guide about this.
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