Are Testosterone Injections The Cure For Obesity?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

First of all, I do not advocate testosterone injections. 🚫

I am all about taking a natural approach to health problems.

But I wanted to review this news article that just came out about the link between testosterone injections and obesity. Because it sheds light on a few very interesting and important details.

Lets have a look at the study. What did it discover?

The study followed several hundred men with low testosterone, for 11 years.

471 of these were obese. Of these, 276 men received testosterone therapy every three months. The other 195 men opted against testosterone therapy.

Are Testosterone Injections The Cure For Obesity?

After 11 years, the men in the testosterone group had lost an average of 25 kg. The men in the other group gained an average of 6 kg.

There was also a big difference in mortality in the two groups: 7.6% of the men receiving testosterone died, while 32.3% died in the other group.

Quite staggering numbers, no?

Let’s take a step back and think about this for a second, before anyone rushes to the nearest clinic for a T shot.

Why are men (or people) obese in the first place? And what does being obese normally do to your testosterone?

People are obese primarily for one reason: An unhealthy lifestyle.

Meaning a poor diet, little or no exercise, stress, little sleep, etc.

Some may think its genetics. But genetics play a minuscule role in this. It’s almost all about a poor lifestyle.

And if you first get overweight, your testosterone production will normally tank. Most obese men have very low testosterone.

So if you are already obese (or if you have low testosterone), what is then the best and most sustainable solution?

Testosterone injections or a very healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle. 👍

If you life healthy, your testosterone level is likely to be normal. You are likely to not gain weight in the first place. You are likely to avoid erectile dysfunction and libido problems. And you are likely to live longer. And you will probably also be happier.

If you want to learn how to increase your testosterone naturally and permanently, you can read this guide. 👍

To read the full article, please go here.

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