The Foods That Can Ruin Your Testosterone

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

There are foods you can eat that will increase your testosterone production. 
But there are also foods that will reduce your ability to produce testosterone.
Which are these foods?
Soy products is one. Soy contains something called phytoestrogens. These may (research is still not conclusive) function similarly in your body to estrogen (the female sex hormone). The theory is that this ‘estrogen’ then starts crowding out your testosterone production.
Dairy products and meat is another. This is because a lot of animals are given hormones for various purpuses, and when we consume these hormones, they may interfere with our own hormone production.
A third possible culprit is alcohol. Alcohol is a toxin that can cause several kinds of damage in your body. Particularly excessive consumption of alcohol over time can impact your hormone production. 
There are also other foods that can potentially reduce your testosterone production, and you can learn more about these in the source article.
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