The More You Exercise, The Better For ED (Say Scientists)

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

The More You Exercise, The Better It Is For Erectile Dysfunction
A new research study has confirmed what we already knew: Exercise can help a man overcome erectile dysfunction and help him get his libido back.
This study reviewed almost 2,000 existing scientific studies published between 2006 and 2016.
This research not only concluded that moderate to intense exercise can be effective at curing or treating ED, but also that the more you exercise, the more likely it is to help you overcome ED.
The authors of the study recommended a 40 minute workout, 4 times a week.
I am a big supporter of exercise and it is my personal experience that exercise is indeed very effective at 1) ensuring I have a high libido, and 2) ensuring that I function well sexually.
However, I would say that 40 minutes exercise 4 times a week is not enough for me. I need about two hours of exercise every day.
And also, studies have also shown that excessive training (marathon, ironman, etc.) can have a damaging impact on sexual functions, hence, one can also exercise too much (meaning more is not always better).
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