This Is Why Your Libido Jumps In The Summer

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

You have probably noticed this yourself: You get hornier during the summer – you think more about sex and you simply want more sex.
Even Google searches related to sex increase in the summer.
Many of us see summertime as a time to let loose, reward ourselves and let go of our responsible selves. It’s the time to indulge in pleasures and go with the flow.
During the summer, we also often have more time off work and studies. We are therefore more relaxed and have more time for sex.
When its hot out, we also wear less clothes. That means we show more skin and we are visually stimulated to think about sex.
Also, the sun enables your skin to produce vitamin D3, which again is a building block for testosterone. Meaning, the more sun you get, the more testosterone you produce. And testosterone will normally increase your sex drive.
In addition, your brain may also produce more serotonin and dopamine when you get sunshine, both of which will support your libido.

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