Two Women On Dating Men With ED

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Women Talking Men With ED

Millions of men struggle getting it up. In fact, the Truelibido estimate is that as many as 20% of all men worldwide have some degree of erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, many women have also been (and are currently) in relationships with men who suffer from ED.

What is it like for the woman? How does she feel when a man can’t get an erection while he is with her?

The unfortunate truth is that most men don’t talk about their sexual problems. Most men find it difficult to accept that they struggle getting erections and that they cannot perform sexually.

For most men, due to pride and ego (for the most part), there is a high embarrassment factor related to sexual dysfunction. Having ED is normally considered much more embarrassing than having diabetes or being overweight.

And most men do not communicate about their ED to their partners. At least not until it has come to a point where a lot of hurt and confusion has already taken place.

This article sheds some light on the experience of two women who dated men who suffered from erectile dysfunction.

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