What A Woman Wants You To Do When Erectile Dysfunction Hits During Sex

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Man not able to get an erection
First of all, never apologize. Don’t say you are sorry.  It happens, it’s OK. Just don’t make a big deal out of it and overreact. And don’t stop the session. That is selfish. Don’t just roll around and call it a night. There are several ways to make a woman happy, and if the desired way doesn’t work, make her happy through other means.
When a woman is excited, she wants to be loved and be caressed. You should continue this, and you should do you utmost to continue this state in her. Make her feel pleasure.

And another key point is to never make the woman feel that it is her fault. Women can be insecure and things like these can break a woman’s confidence. So assure the woman there is nothing wrong with her or what she is doing. Tell her you are crazy about her and that your junior sometimes just has a mind of his own.
Also, don’t go completely silent and withdrawn. It’s OK. Not everything is perfect. You should be able to have a conversation about it. Maybe you have been super tired lately, maybe you have been stressed. There can be many factors that impact your ability to perform.
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