What Guys Wish Their Partner New About ED

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

About ED

Erectile dysfunction is for most men very difficult to talk about.

It’s not like diabetes, poor vision or other health problems. There is something about our inability to get ‘it up’ that makes it very difficult to talk about.

We men don’t talk to our friends about our erectile dysfunction. We don’t want to seem like we are ‘less of a man’ to our friends.

Many of us also don’t talk to doctors about it. Many men are simply to embarrassed about their sexual condition to go seek help from a doctor.

But perhaps even worse, many of us don’t even talk to our partners about ED, leaving our partners in the dark.

Here are what a group of men over 40 in the UK wish their partners knew about erectile dysfunction:

* ED is not an issue abour her. It is not that I am not attracted to her. It’s me! It’s my body that is not working.

I am not ready for sex all the time, anywhere, in any given context. Sometimes I am tired and just want to sleep.

It’s not always easy to perform under pressure. Even when the kids are away and we are at a hotel room and the setting is perfect, there may just be too much pressure.

It’s not just me. ED is in fact very common and affects about 20% of all men world wide.

I want to tell you and I want to talk to you about it. It’s just so very difficult.

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