What Happens To Your Body During Sex?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

What happens to body during sex

Arousal, passion, sex, orgasm – this process makes the body go through an intense, yet temporary transformation. Sex is full of chemical and physiological reactions and chain reactions, flushing through most of your body.

The process of sex is in fact so complex, that as soon as one piece of the puzzle is not working, the whole process can fall apart. Here are the key processes that happen in your body before the orgasm.

1. A cocktail of happy chemicals and hormones start to brew in your brain:

Libido starts in the brain. As sexual excitement builds, adrenaline and dopamine start pumping, as do the sex hormones

2. Your heart starts beating like a drum:

Your heartbeat picks up to pump blood around the body, with a specific focus on the genitals.

3. Blood vessels expand:

As you need more blood faster to your genitals, your blood vessels dilate or expand to allow for more blood flow.

4. Skin flushes and gets red:

Blood vessels also dilate in your face, meaning you get more blood to the skin of your face.

5. Muscles clenches and contract:

Before climax, your body tenses up before the relaxation of an orgasm.

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