Why ‘Sexercise’ Is Good For You

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

What is sexercise? 😆

Sexercise are physical exercises you do in order to improve your sexual abilities. Meaning: Becoming a better lover, improving your sex drive and avoiding erectile dysfunction.

Let’s first understand why (almost) any form of exercise and activity is a positive for your sex-life:

Exercise increases the health of your heart, it improves your cardiovascular system, and above all, it increases your bloodflow.

And bloodflow is crucial for your ability to get erections, and for maintaining your erections. Because in order for you to get an erection, your penis needs to be filled with blood. If your bloodflow is weak, you are also more likely to have weak erections.

Why 'Sexercise' Is Good For You

Therefore, a person that exercises regularly is likely to function better sexually than a person that does not exercise.

In addition, sex by itself is exercise. And you can take this to the next level to get an additional benefit from sex:

Make sex last longer and make it more physically intense. If you do, not only are you likely to enjoy the sex more, but you also exercise more which in turn is likely to improve your bloodflow.

Sex also has a number of other health benefits:

Such as an improved immune system, better emotional health, improved sleep, and stress relief.

So how should you exercise?

Well, most forms of exercise are beneficial for your sexual health. I myself try to exercise for 2 hours every day: 1 hour of intense exercise such as running or playing football, and 1 hour of walking. When I do these two forms of exercise together, I find that my body responds really well sexually.

How about you try this for yourself..?

In addition, there are certain exercises you can do to directly improve your sexual organ: Pelvic floor exercises.

These are exercises aimed at strengthening your pelvic floor.

A strong pelvic floor is essential in order to get and maintain strong erections, as this pelvic floor supports your erections.

Lastly, you may also benefit from doing stretching exercises, including yoga, pilates, etc. Not only is a more flexible body supportive of overall health, but it may also make it easier to perform certain sexual positions.

The takeaway: For optimal sexual health, exercise is key. It is key because it improves your bloodflow.

But you can also combine exercise and sex + do pelvic floor exercises that directly benefit your ability to get erections.

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