Jason Rogers Had ED – This Is What He Wants Women To know

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Jason Rogers is a former Olympic fencer.

He has also struggled with erectile dysfunction for many years.

Now he is open about his condition and offers support to other men.

One of his goals is to remove the stigma surrounding ED.

Well done Jason! Cheers from Truelibido! 👍

Here are three things he wants every woman who is dating a man with ED, to know about erectile dysfunction:

1) If he can’t get it up, that doesn’t mean he isn’t in to you

It’s not about the woman. Even if it was Ms. Perfect, it would still happen. It’s not that the woman isn’t good enough.

It’s a condition in the man.

2) Pills will not magically solve his problems

First of all, erectile dysfunction pills do not work for all men. So there is no guarantee that they will work for him.

Second of all, these pills will not solve his underlying issue. They will not fix his ED.

They will only temporarily treat the symptoms.

 3) Open, honest and transparent communication is necessary

When he can’t perform sexually, he may want to withdraw and escape sex and intimacy altogether. The woman may feel rejected and may not know what to do. The solution is normally communication. And communication that is totally open and honest.

This way, two people can find common ground and be comfortable. This can be a big help to the man in overcoming any anxiety and other emotional struggles associated with his ED.

Truelibido 100% echos what is said by Jason Rogers.

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