Your Medications May Ruin Your Sex Drive And Cause ED

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Medications Can Lower Sex Drive And Cause Erectile Dysfunction
Did you know that about 70% of the US population is on one or more prescription drugs? Most commonly, these drugs are for diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and erectile dysfunction.
In fact, about 20% of the US population take drugs for depression, mood swings and for other psychiatric reasons.
There is one big problem with these drugs:
Side effects.
A majority of patients on anti-depressants as well as other drugs for psychiatric causes, have sited sexual dysfunctions as common side effects. The most common ones are low or non-existing sex drive (libido), or an inability to get erections, or erectile dysfunction.
If you are currently on these drugs and you have a low libido or erectile dysfunction, there is a chance that these problems are side effects of the drugs you take.
Or if you consider taking such drugs, you now know that these are side effects that might appear.
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