Can Coffee Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Coffee Erectile Dysfunction
Have you ever wondered if coffee can have an impact on your performance in bed? Could coffee intake possibly make it more difficult to get and maintain erections?
A research study on 21,403 men aged 40-75 years old have looked into this.
The good news if you are a coffee drinker?
The study reported no statistically differences in ED between those who drank more than 4 cups a day and those who didn’t drink coffee. Or for those who drank modestly.
So it seems that drinking coffee should not impact your ability to have sex.
However, the study did find that drinking decaffeinated coffee had a negative correlation with erectile dysfunction. Those in the study who drank decaffeinated coffee had a 37% increased risk of erectile dysfunction.
If you drink decaffeinated coffee and struggle with ED, you may consider changing your coffee habits.
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