Can Shockwave Therapy Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Electric Waves

A survey published in Sexual Medicine reported that 72% of experts who were surveyed stated that they believed low-intensity shockwave therapy could be effective for treating ED.

What is shockwave therapy? This treatment entails applying a probe to the penis which sends energy from acoustic waves to different parts of the penis. The treatment is said to not be painful and each session to last for about 15-20 minutes. This is claimed to help new blood vessels to form which in theory should help more blood flowing to the penis.

The treatment is still experimental and more research is needed in order to form sound conclusions about its use.

A key principle of Truelibido is to permanently cure erectile dysfunction by changing the factors that caused ED in the first place. This will often entail changing lifestyles and habits. Truelibido does not endorse treatments that are temporary fixes and that only treat the symptoms of ED, rather than the underlying causes. Our opinion is that (probably) in the wast majority of cases, this shock wave therapy will not deal with these underlying factors that caused ED in the first place, and therefore, that this may not be a sustainable, long-term solution.

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