I created this website so that I could share my experiences with other men. Other men who struggle with these life-zapping conditions called erectile dysfunction and a weak libido. I was hoping that other men could learn from my experiences and discoveries – and that they could overcome their own problems. It would make me infinitely proud and beyond happy if I could help other men out there.

I therefore wanted to ask you:

Was this website helpful to you? Were you able to learn from my experiences? Were you able to overcome your own problems? Were you able to improve your sexual performance and confidence, and has this made you a happier person? Has my website made your life better?

If so, I would love to hear from you. If you have had any improvement or success, big or small, I would love to hear your story. I would be very grateful and thankful if you could share your experiences (whether its one sentence or a 30-page story).

Also, if you think more information should be added to this website to make it better – or if there are parts of the site that are not working properly, I would be very appreciative of your feedback. I strive to make this site as useful as possible, so any constructive feedback is greatly appreciated.

Please also feel free to get back to me with any other information you want to share.


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