It Was Time For A Change

It Was Time For A Change!

The pharmaceutical drugs had been working wonders for a long time. They enabled me to have sex. 

And given that I had no success in finding a natural solution to my problems, I was reluctantly OK popping a pill before having sex.

But this had made me complacent about solving my erectile dysfunction and libido problems. The issues had slipped to the back of my mind.

That was until the day the drugs stopped working. My use of these drugs had gotten to the point where my body had built resistance towards them – the effect was gone

This was the wake-up call. 

Cure to erictile dysfunction

It was time for a change

I didn’t want any more temporary patches or quick fixes. 

I wanted and needed to find a sustainable and long-term solution. I was desperate to solve – permanently – what was wrong with me. 

I decided to leave the pharmaceutical drugs behind for good. It was time to throw them away and change the course of my journey. 

It was back to the drawing board. 

It was ground zero

I decided that this was it. I made it my number one priority in life to overcome my life-zapping problems of erectile dysfunction and a non-existent libido for good.

Solution to libido problems

What Did I Do To Overcome Erectile Dysfunction?

I decided to be painstakingly meticulous, methodical and to record everything I did. 

I thought if I was organized and systematic enough, if I discarded things that didn’t work and pursued those that seemed to have potential, I might have a chance to get to the bottom of this. 

I might then possible be able to figure out exactly what the cause of my sexual problems were.

Needless to say, I was unhappy about having to deal with these problems – I wish they weren’t there – yet I was also strangely excited. I now had a clear mission ahead of me.

I started by drawing up a map of anything I could think of that could possibly cause these sexual problems. 

plan to cure erictile dysfunction

On the left side of my map I added anything that I had read or heard or seen that anyone had said could possibly help overcome erectile dysfunction and libido problems.

Absolutely anything:

This incuded bad diet, no sleep, stress, smoking, cycling, painkillers and medication, pollution, pornography, etc.

The next step was to to try to understand and educate myself in detail about each of these possible culprits. 

And then try to figure out the reasons for how and why these factors could potentially cause erectile dysfunction and libido issues. 

After that, I wanted to understand to what extent these potential factors were applicable to me.


Man studying erictile dysfunction

After I was happy with the roadmap, it was time to experiment, try, fail and learn

I therefore started to experiment with each one of these potential factors (well any of them that I thought made sense), to try to learn how my body responded. 

For instance, I experimented with diets. I tried vegetarian, vegan and other diets, until I found one that worked for me. One that my body was happy with.

And I would make sure I gave each diet sufficient time i order to draw a firm conclusion about it.

And when I had found a diet that worked for me, I changed my diet permanently to this new diet. And I maintained it for the rest of my experiment.

I then put a checkmark next to ‘diet’ in my roadmap. And I moved on to the next factor to experiment with. 

Diet Erectile Dysfunction

And I did the same with all the other factors that I had identified. I experimented until I found something that worked for me, and then maintained this new change.

I kept track of exactly what I did, kept score, measured progress and failures.

I had a set of blood tests taken, checked my testosterone, I even had my sperm count and sperm motility checked. 

I spoke to doctors, discussed the results and exchanged ideas of what the cause or causes could be. 

I went back to online erectile dysfunction and libido discussion forums. I absorbed information like a sponge.

I started making changes to how I lived my life. I changed my habits. One by one.

I changed the time I went to bed and I tried to sleep more. 

Time for cure erictile dysfunction

I made a very conscious effort to not get stressed in stressful situations and to relax more. 

I experimented with both aerobic and anaerobic exercises, tried periods of no exercise and periods of heavy interval or endurance training.

I tried out a multitude of basic supplements such as multivitamins, minerals, fish oil, etc. 

I experimented with a plethora of herbal supplements and other sexual health supplements, in different doses, different combinations, different quality and different strength. 

I tried using these supplements on a daily basis and I tried taking them right before sex.

I experimented with different approaches to pornography, masturbation and sex. I tried penis exercises such as jelquing and Kegel exercises. I massaged my testicles. 

Fish Oil Erectile Dysfunction

I meditated. I did yoga.

I experimented with sunlight exposure, from getting none to being in the sun for long periods of time. 

I tried to understand how my mental state and overall happiness were impacting my sexual problems.

I went down paths I thought were going to lead me to the answer, but hit dead ends. 

I pulled my hair out in frustration. Then celebrated small victories

Occasionally I thought I had found a solution, just to be left heartbroken. I spent weeks on promising detours that turned out to be roads to nowhere.

But bit by bit, I found actions that yielded small positive results.

Path to cure erictile dysfunction

I focused extra hard on the actions that produced rays of hope in increasing my sex drive and improving my erectile functioning. 

Then I zoomed in on them, tried to find out why they worked and then tried to do more of exactly what worked.

There was progress. I was able to maintain positive outcomes by continuing certain of the lifestyle changes. 

I felt I was very close to finding a solution to my sexual problems. I felt as if I was about to open the last door to solving my erectile dysfunction and my non-existent libido.

And I made it! I found a solution to my sexual problems!

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