I Made It! I Found the Solution!

I Made It! I Found The Solution!

Probably the most important thing I learned from my 10-year long battle with sexual problems is that my body is a very, very complex and sophisticated system of almost countless number of parts.

Because of this, it is extremely delicate and sensitive, and it needs constant care, attention and maintenance in order to operate optimally.

And because it is so sensitive, there are a large number of factors that can throw your body off balance. 

We don’t even think of many of these factors because they have become so ingrained and ‘normal’ in our everyday lives. 

Stress, for instance, which has become part of many people’s daily lives, can do all kinds of damage to a body’s fine-tuned system.

Erectile disfunction can be defeated

And my body was, given how lived my life, pretty much always out of balance either due to stress, lack of sleep, bad foods, etc. 

It wasn’t completely off tracks and burning – I still had decent amounts of energy and lived life mostly the way I wanted to.

But there were typically always something I was doing to my body (one or more bad habits or actions) that kept it away from a balanced and happy state.

And for me, two of the first functions to start failing when my body was off balance were my ability to get erections and my sex drive.

I didn’t put my body in a state of constant distress because I wanted to suffer. I didn’t seek pain.

I just didn’t know any better.

looking for a erectile dysfunction solution

I simply didn’t have the knowledge at the time to treat my body and mind the way they should have been treated in order to function optimally.

But through more than 10 years of researching, experimenting, trying and failing, I finally obtained the knowledge about what do do in order to keep my body and mind in balance.

I finally learned.

I learned how to treat my delicate systems in order to make them function optimally, or close to optimally.

And when I maintained my body and mind in this state, my sexual functions came back.

When my body was in balance, my erectile dysfunction was gone and my libido jumped back to life.

Erectile Dysfunction

What Did I Do To Get And Keep My Body In Balance?

When I started, my body was out of balance. There were normally always one or more factors that prevented my body from functioning optimally.


What I did was to make a number of healthy lifestyle changes to my life to bring my body and mind back in balance.

But not only that, I made sure I maintained these changes diligently every day.

And when I did this over the course of several weeks, that’s when my sexual functions came back.

Success Erectile Dysfunction

So I overcame my ED and my libido problems simply by being diligent and consistent with these changes. It wasn’t any more difficult than that.

One of the chances I made was to stop anything sexual. I stopped watching porn, I stopped masturbating, for some time I even stopped having sex. I also did not allow myself to have frequent orgasms. And I was very disciplined.

Another change was to change my diet to one that is super healthy, and to keep this up every day.

A third change was to exercise every day, and ideally at least for two hour every day (including one hour of walking).

And I also made several other changes that I maintained diligently in order to consistently keep my body in balance.

Walking Erectile Dysfunction

Not only did I implement these changes when I first learned about them, but I have kept them up ever since. 

As I am writing this, it has been about four years since I started. Meaning, I have maintained these changes for about four years.

And during these four years, I have functioned super well sexually. My erectile dysfunction has disappeared. I don’t have to deal with it anymore. It is no longer part of my life. 

And my libido is also incredibly high. In fact, I can’t remember having a libido as high even as a teenager. 

These changes that I have made to my life have now become an integral part of my life. I follow these principles every day. They are now part of me.

But these principles are not part of my every day because I force myself to follow them.

I Cured My Erectile Dysfunction

Not at all.


I crave them.

I really want them. I want them every day.

Because when I maintain them, I feel better, more alive and I live more fully.

Is it a lot of work to maintain these principles every day?

Initially yes. Initially, it took a lot of management and organization to fit these changes into my life.

Cured erectile dysfunction full of energy

But after a while, they became my priorities, they became what I really wanted to put into my life. And very quickly they became part of my daily life, my routine.

Now I no longer think about them in this sense. They are simply automatic and something I do every day. There is no planning or management involved.

But there is something else important I need to say:

Not only have implementing and maintaining these principles enabled me to overcome  erectile dysfunction and brought my libido back, but my overall health is also much better.

I feel more alive. I have more energy. I have more lust for life. I feel more alert. More attentive. More focused.

Also, I can’t remember the last time I got sick.

Overcame My Erectile Dysfunction Energy

I don’t get tired anymore during the day.

I am happier, more optimistic, and my confidence is high.

My life has never been better. I function physically like I did in my youth and I feel overall in-tune with my body and mind. I feel super healthy.

If I was able to overcome my erectile dysfunction and libido problems by making healthy changes to my life, can you do the same?

There is a very good chance that you may.

If your sexual problems are also due to lifestyle problems, there is a very good chance you too can get your sexual functions back by getting your body back in balance.

cure for erectile dysfunction

If you want to learn from my experiences and try to overcome your erectile dysfunction and libido problems, I have something for you.

I have designed a 10-week step-by-step plan to overcome these sexual problems.

The plan contains the exact steps I would take again to overcome my erectile dysfunction and libido problems.

To check out the plan, please go here.

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