Erectile dysfunction and an almost non-existent libido caught me off guard with shock and disbelief several years ago. It then put me through a decade-long roller-coaster filled with ups and downs. There were dark and gloomy periods where I all wanted was to give up. But there were also happy moments when I sensed glimmers of hope. However, in the end, the journey did have a happy ending. It did have a happy ending because I found a solution to my problems. And the solution was simply to change many of the ways in which I lived my life.

Before making these changes, I had acquired many unhealthy lifestyle habits that caused my body (and mind) to be out of balance. My body and mind were simply far away from their optimal conditions. And because my body was not working optimally, I started having health problems. Two of these health problems were erectile dysfunction and a very weak libido.

The solution to these problems was to change the way I approached sex. As a first stop, I basically stopped anything sexual. I cut masturbation and porn out of my life and I stopped having sex (I later allowed myself to have sex, but cut masturbation and pornography completely). I then limited how often I would let myself have orgasms. I also changed my diet to an ultra-healthy one. I started taking supplements to try to cover any nutritional deficiencies. I also started taking supplements specifically aimed at sexual health. I started exercising more and better. I also made a very conscious effort to stress less in life and try to relax more. I changed my sleeping habits to ensure I got enough sleep. I tried to get direct sun exposure during days when this was possible, and I tried to ensure I was in psychological and social balance by living a good life with good friends.

By doing this, I became nicer to myself and my body. I provided a healthier and better environment for my body (and mind) to operate in. Instead of putting myself through distress and abuse (because abuse is what it really was in many cases), I freed my body from the chains that were holding it back and gave it a chance to reach its potential.

And my body and mind responded positively. As I was experimenting with these lifestyle changes, my libido would in periods get stronger and more intense. In periods, I would also no longer struggle with erectile dysfunction – my penis would suddenly work just fine. And then as I became more consistent and more conscious of implementing these positive habits, my libido would remain rock solid, and erectile dysfunction faded into history as something of the past. By being consistent with these changes, by keeping them up and by giving my body and mind what it needed, I overcame my problems of erectile dysfunction and a very weak libido.

But not only that, I have so much more energy now that it’s sometimes almost too much. I particularly have heaps of energy in the mornings after my breakfast. I also don’t easily get fatigued or tired during the day, and I no longer have those periods in the afternoon anymore where I can hardly stay awake.

I also hardly get sick anymore. In the past, I would always get one or two colds in the winter, and also often at some point during the winter struggle with the flu. As I am writing this, I can’t remember the last time I had a cold or the flu.

My general attitude is also positive and happy and I feel upbeat about life and the privilege of being alive. My confidence is also healthy and I just generally feel empowered.

Although this journey to overcome erectile dysfunction and an almost non-existent libido took me more than a decade, and although it put me through an almost countless number of disappointments and frustrations, it was totally worth every single effort and every single heartache. I say this because being able to again function well sexually has given me my happy life back.

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