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My Story


My First Encounter With Erectile Dysfunction

My first encounter with erectile dysfunction was simply miserable. It was a complete shock. It felt like a betrayal. It inundated me with confusion. It turned my world upside down. From being brilliant and close to perfect, my life took a sharp turn downhill.

I had graduated from university a couple of years ago, was working at a prestigious (at least as far as I was concerned) financial firm in NYC, worked hard, made a good living, had good friends, and was very upbeat about life and the future. It was one of the first summer days of the year and the city was teaming with life. It was like a happy story from..


What On Earth Should I Do Now?

Here I was, in my 20’s and not able to function sexually. I had a problem. A big problem. And I had zero self-confidence at this point. I was lost. My bright outlook on life was shattered to pieces. I didn’t want this. And it was not only erectile dysfunction that had hit me..


It Was Time For A Change

The pharmaceutical drugs had been working wonders for a long time. They enabled me to have sex. And given that I had no success in finding an actual solution to my problems, I was reluctantly OK popping a pill before having sex. But it had made me complacent about solving..


I Made It! I Found the Solution!

Probably the most important thing I learned from my 10-year long battle with sexual problems is that my body is a very, very complex and sophisticated system of countless number of parts. It is extremely delicate and sensitive, and it needs constant care, attention and maintenance..

News & Updates
Can Pine Bark Cure Erectile Dysfunction? [This Study Says Yes]
Pine bark extract has in previous studies showed promising signs that it can help overcome erectile dysfunction.

Now a new study, published in the Bratislava Medical Journal, has added further data points to support this.

The study was performed on 53 men with erectile dysfunction, some of which were also diagnosed with diabetes type 2..
Does Being Overweight Cause Erectile Dysfunction [Yes..]

If you are overweight, are you more likely to struggle with erectile dysfunction?


If you are overweight or obese, you are significantly more likely to suffer from ED. And probably also a low libido..

Want Better Sex? And More Sex? [You Need To Exercise]

You have probably heard it before.. Exercise is good for you and also for your sex life.

And it’s true. People that exercise (are physically active) tend to have both more sex and better sex than people that don’t.

I have written about this before here and here..

How Is A Woman’s Sex-Life After She Becomes A Mother?

In these posts I typically write about sexual matters relating to men.

However, in this post let’s address women. And more specifically women that have become mothers.

How is their sex drive? Do they masturbate? How does childbirth impact..

Testosterone Levels In Young American Men Is Falling Fast

A new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has reported that testosterone levels in young American men is falling rapidly.

The study included 4,045 men that were from 15-39 years old, and controlled for factors such as age, race, and level of physical activity.

What were the results of the..

Is Your Sex-Drive (Libido) Down In The Winter?

When it’s cold outside, are you less interested in sex? Is your sex-drive down?

There are good arguments for why your libido may be reduced in the summer, and I have previously written about some of these factors here and here.

Does temperature by itself..

Surprising Lessons Learned From Being A Sex Therapist For 20 Years

Marianne Brandon Ph.D. has worked as a sex therapist for 20 years.

These two decades have taught her a lot about sex she wasn’t able to learn from books and theories.

Here are some of the lessons she has learned from these..

Does Smoking Cannabis Cause ED? [This Study Says Yes]

We already knew that smokers are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. I have previously written about it here, here and here.

So it would be no surprise if also smokers of pot (cannabis) would also experience erectile dysfunction..

How To Deal With ED When It Is Here To Stay?

In many cases, erectile dysfunction can be overcome by natural means.

Go here to learn more about how to overcome ED naturally and permanently.

However, in some cases, erectile dysfunction is here to stay..

Can Stop Smoking Make Erectile Dysfunction Go Away?

Men that smoke suffer more from erectile dysfunction than other men. I have previously written about this here and here.

In fact, studies have shown that men that smoke are up to 30% more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than non-smokers.

A new research study has come out that..