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My First Encounter With Erectile Dysfunction

My first encounter with erectile dysfunction was simply miserable. It was a complete shock. It felt like a betrayal. It inundated me with confusion. It turned my world upside down. From being brilliant and close to perfect, my life took a sharp turn downhill.

I had graduated from university a couple of years ago, was working at a prestigious (at least as far as I was concerned) financial firm in NYC, worked hard, made a good living, had good friends, and was very upbeat about life and the future. It was one of the first summer days of the year and the city was teaming with life. It was like a happy story from..


What On Earth Should I Do Now?

Here I was, in my 20’s and not able to function sexually. I had a problem. A big problem. And I had zero self-confidence at this point. I was lost. My bright outlook on life was shattered to pieces. I didn’t want this. And it was not only erectile dysfunction that had hit me..


It Was Time For A Change

The pharmaceutical drugs had been working wonders for a long time. They enabled me to have sex. And given that I had no success in finding an actual solution to my problems, I was reluctantly OK popping a pill before having sex. But it had made me complacent about solving..


I Made It! I Found the Solution!

Probably the most important thing I learned from my 10-year long battle with sexual problems is that my body is a very, very complex and sophisticated system of countless number of parts. It is extremely delicate and sensitive, and it needs constant care, attention and maintenance..

News & Updates
Can Stop Smoking Make Erectile Dysfunction Go Away?
Men that smoke suffer more from erectile dysfunction than other men. I have previously written about this here and here.

In fact, studies have shown that men that smoke are up to 30% more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than non-smokers.

A new research study has come out that looked at men who went through robotic prostatectomy for prostate cancer, and whether they quit or continued to smoke after the surgery.

This study examined 2514 patients who underwent..
Can Herbal Supplements Boost Libido?

Several research studies have already concluded that various supplements can indeed improve libido and sexual functions, both in animals and in humans.

The latest study was done on women. More specifically 29 postmenopausal women..

Does Sunbathing Naked Increase Libido?

A female Instagram influencer just shared posts about her sunbathing naked and how it increases her energy levels, sex drive and how it makes her sleep better.

A woman naked is always going to get someone’s attention, so maybe it’s just a cheap attempt to try to gain followers..

Will Sex Lose Its Importance In Society?

Some sex researchers think so.

And they think so partly because we seem to have less sex now than we had a decade ago.

Even though we today have dating apps to help us find partners, research shows that we have less and less sex..

Can Testosterone Therapy Cause Blod Clots?

According to a new research study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, testosterone therapy doubles a man’s risk of suffering from a potentially lethal blood clot.

The report demonstrated that men had twice the risk for developing what is called a deep vein blood clot, if they had taken..

The development of blood clots occurred in both men with already low testosterone levels as well as those with normal levels.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration already in 2014 warned that testosterone therapy increases a man’s risk of heart attack and stroke, yet many men still get testosterone therapy.

Can Cooking Your Food [The Wrong Way] Cause ED?

Do you bake and fry foods at high temperatures?

If so, you may want to reconsider doing this.


Because it causes something called advanced glycation end products, or AGEs, to be formed in the process. They are also called glycotoxins..

Does Going Vegan Boost Erections?

You are what you eat!

Meaning, eating healthy will do you good. It will make your body run on the right fuels and enable your body grow and maintain itself with the right building materials.

And it will also make you function better sexually.

But what is the right diet? A normal balanced..

What Is Andropause And Why Does It Happen?

You may be more familiar with the term menopause, which is when a woman’s ovaries stop producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which causes her period to end.

Andropause is similar. It is the decline in the hormone testosterone in men. The condition is also called late-onset hypogonadism..

Viagra And Cialis May Cause Skin Cancer?

We don’t know yet..

But Dr. Rizwan Haq of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute has in a San Francisco court testified regarding a “plausible” link between erectile dysfunction drugs Viagra and Cialis, and skin cancer.

Dr. Rizwan Haq has claimed that there..

Fast Food Can Make Your Testosterone Drop

A yummy and juicy fast food burger can cause your testosterone level to fall off a cliff.

Well, if you are overweight that is. Not so much of you are lean.

A research study from Adelaide University, Flinders University and UniSA, found that..

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