This section provides information about and links to other webpages that were helpful in my quest to better understand libido and erectile dysfunction. I have found some of these webpages extremely helpful as they contain a large amount of very relevant information, and also presents this is a way that is not too hard to understand. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the information on the internet is rather un-helpful. Much of the information one finds after a google-search only scratches the surface of these topics, is often not scientifically backed, and is often quick-read material for popular news-sites. In my experience, following the advice of many of these sites was for me (at best) a waste of time. Although I have tried to include all the relevant information I could think of on Truelibido, there might be men (or women) out there who want even more information about libido and erectile dysfunction. For those of you who want to dig deeper, you find below an introduction with a link to what I think are helpful webpages.

Peak Testosterone

Peak Testosterone contains a plethora of information about testosterone, but also about libido, erectile dysfunction v (and function), sexual health and men’s health in general. I think a lot of the information on Peak Testosterone is top class. Very helpful site.



Examine is an independent encyclopedia on supplementation and nutrition. It has in depth information about hundreds of different supplements, herbs and foods. The information is detailed and supported by references. This is in my opinion a great place to learn more about supplements and nutrition.

The National Center for Biotechnology (‘NCBI’)

NCBI is part of the United States National Library of Medicine. The website lists thousands of research papers, and also provides free and full access to some of these. If you want to access scientific studies, NCBI is in my opinion a good place to start.

Your Brain On Porn

Your Brain On Porn is a website that focuses on porn’s effect on the brain, as well as sexual exhaustion in general. I think it provides lots of great information and it was helpful to me in understanding part of the libido and erectile dysfunction puzzle.

PE Gym

PE Gym is a website with a range of topics related to penis health. One section that I have found very helpful is the discussion forum about erectile dysfunction. It has thousands of posts with lots of information. Some of this is great, some is less so – takes some searching and exploration.

Reddit – NoFap

Reddit is an online community where users can share pretty much anything. NoFap is a community within Reddit where users share experiences about abstaining from pornography and masturbation for long periods of time, give each other tips and support.


NoFap is a community-based porn recovery website. It has general information about the dangers of consumption of pornography and a forum dedicated to this. The aim of the site is to help users overcome porn-induced erectile dysfunction.


Anabolic Men

Anabolic Men is a commercial website about natural testosterone optimization and men’s health. It provides good information about nutrition, supplements, exercise and sexual health. It can be very useful for learning more about testosterone.


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