I am very grateful for what supplements have done for me, and I am a huge admirer of the supplements I have written about in this section. Btw, I have tried lots of different supplements but only written about the ones that had great effects on me. Not only have they helped me with my sexual problems, but they have also opened up a whole new world to me.

When I first started experimenting with supplements, I ordered a bottle of Gingko Biloba capsules and took them as recommended. But there was zero effect. I later experimented with several other supplements in many forms, but without any success. The reasons for this lack of results were 1) that the products I took were of a low quality or only contained small amounts of the active ingredients, 2) the doses I took were too small, and 3) I took the supplement much in advance of having sex.

It was only when I went a little crazy and took a whole tablespoon of a very potent form of Tribulus Terrestris that I had my first real success with these supplements. And the effect was beyond anything I had dreamt of – it was amazing!

However, although this effect was initially fantastic, taking Tribulus Terrestris would not always produce the same effects in me. Sometimes it would work wonders, but sometimes there would be no or very little effect. I then tried to combine two supplements. And that’s when I had my second a-ha moment with these supplements. The effects were simply super powerful! I then tried various combinations, had more and more success, and finally ended up with using four supplements at the same time! This produced the desired results very, very reliably.

This combination has l-arginine (or l-citrulline), pine bark and ZMA as the base, and then one herbal supplement on top of this. This herbal supplement is normally Tongkat AliTribulus TerrestrisFenugreekMaca or Horny Goat Weed.

The most powerful supplement in this mix is normally the herbal one (Tongkat AliTribulus TerrestrisFenugreekMaca or Horny Goat Weed). However, when I have used one of these herbal supplement alone, I have found that the effects are not always reliable. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

But when I have used this herbal supplement in combination with the 3 supplements in the base, the effects have for me been very, very reliable. Not only that, but the effects from the combination of these supplements are for me also stronger and more intense than what I get from the herbal one alone.

The effects I get from these supplement combinations are 1) an increase in my sex drive, 2) strong, hard and persistent erections, and 3) an increase in the intensity of the pleasurable sensations from sex. All in all, these supplements are for me able to make the whole experience of sex better and the results are very consistent. But most important of all, these supplements have been of paramount importance to me in overcoming my problems with erectile dysfunction and a low libido.

Today, I normally don’t need to take these supplements in order to have satisfactory sex anymore, but I often choose to do it still. These supplements have in fact become regular parts of my sex-life now. It is simply because they take the happy experience I get from sex to a new level. They make sex that much more fun and that much more enjoyable.

Not only do these supplements help with sexual functions and sexual health, but they provide me with a number of other benefits as well. Most of these supplements are plant based and have been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years. They have not only been used for sexual health, but also to help with a number of other ailments. Some are reported to prevent cancer, infections, colds, organ failure, be protective of the brain, reduce blood pressure, improve the immune system, help with fatigue, reduce anxiety and depression and a number of other benefits.

Any supplement (or any food for that matter), may contain toxins. I therefore strive to only buy pure and clean products. Therefore, I will typically always want to see a certificate from the manufacturer, demonstrating that the supplements are clean and have toxins below internationally agreed limits, before I buy any of them.

Before I conclude, I wanted to emphasize the point about dosage and quality of supplements. I got no effect from supplements when I was using weak ones or when I was taking small doses. It was only when I took high grade supplements in larger doses that I noticed any effects.

Of the loose powder supplements, I have repeatedly taken a half-topped tablespoon (approximately 7 grams), and I have several times taken two half-topped tablespoons of Maca (approximately 14 grams). Is this too much? I don’t know. I don’t know what the upper limit is for what is too much of any of these supplements. I don’t know how much is safe to take. What I can say however (after taking supplements in these doses for many years), is that I have never had any side effects or any negative effects, experiences or reactions from any of the supplements I have described on Truelibido. However, people react differently, and you or someone else may have a different experience than me.

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