An herb is simply any plant that is used for food, flavoring, medicine, or perfume. The parts of the plants that are normally used are the leaves, the flowers or the root, but any part of the plant can be used.

Before modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry came around, the only remedy for illnesses were prayer and plants (and whatever else nature could provide). And plants turned out to have the ability to deal with many illnesses and ailments such as colds, fevers, diarrhea, pains, sexual potency, etc. In fact, many modern pharmaceuticals are today based on plants, where one or a few very specific components are extracted from these plants.

Herbs have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, and the use may have stretched as far back as 5,000 BC (as we believe the Sumerians used plants to treat various ailments). Plants have also been an essential part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is a discipline that has flourished for more than 2,500 years and is still practiced by millions of people worldwide today. Ayurvedic medicine of the Indian subcontinent, another practice of medicine that has prospered for thousands of years, also has plants as a foundation of its practice.

Herbs have in fact been used by pretty much every civilization and every culture through history for medicinal purposes, including the Persians, Egyptians, Romans, Greek, Incas, Aztecs, Mayans, Vikings, etc. There is in other words a very long history of herbs being used for medicinal purposes, and many of these herbs are still widely used today.

By the way, this section is not only about herbal supplements, as there are also many supplements that are not plant based. For instance, ZMA and l-arginine are very interesting supplements which are created from other sources than plants.

My very keen interest in these herbal and other supplements are because of their effect on sexual function and experience. And I have learned and experienced that these supplements can have an absolutely amazing impact on sex. However, it took me years of experimenting and researching and in fact an almost desperate last-resort-effort until I discovered what these supplements can really do.

It actually took me more than a decade before I discovered this. During these years I tried a number of supplements in capsules, tinctures, lose powder, tea or the original leaf or root. Almost all of my experiments were complete failures, meaning i sensed no effect whatsoever. Only when I took the herbs Tribulus Terrestris and Horny Goat Weed in capsule form, did I feel something. But what I felt was very subtle, it was simply a slight increase in the sensations I felt when having sex. It was like the pleasurable sensations from sex were a tiny bit stronger. But the effects were by no means strong enough to help me with erectile dysfunction or libido problems.

For me, most of these supplements turned out to be a waste of money. I learned that the quality of most of the supplements, at least the ones I tried, was inadequate or just non-existent. Also, the recommended dosage, even of the higher quality products, wasn’t able to produce the desirable effect for me. Lastly, taking supplements faithfully every day and far in advance of sex, at least for me, did not have much effect.

Only when I went a little crazy and took a whole tablespoon of the herb Tribulus Terrestris before sex, did I get the response I had hoped for.

And my goodness what an effect I got! It was almost too good to be true! My penis was rock hard! I mean, seriously hard as a rock. And not only that, but the sensations I got from sex were incredibly pleasurable! I think it was the strongest sensations I had ever felt! This herb simply magnified the sensations to something way off the scale I was used to. What an epiphany! How amazing! After years and years of trying out different herbs and never finding what I was looking for, I had finally found something that worked! I was smiling so hard my face started hurting. I could hardly believe what had just happened!

This was the start of a new chapter – this is when I begun my devoted and meticulous research and experimentation of supplements, using high quality products only, and in doses that had a chance of producing the desired effect in me.

I have since then tried a large number of supplements. Some have worked, some have not. Those supplements that have given me a positive effect that I have also been able to replicate consistently, have earned a spot on Truelibido. I have for these supplements, tried to write comprehensive reviews. These reviews provide some background and history about the supplement, explains which active ingredients it contains, what intended effects it is supposed to have, scientific research documenting these effects, and also my personal experience using the supplement.

Different supplements have different effects on the body and to different degrees. However, based on current knowledge, their effects on sexual function come mostly through the ability to increase either testosterone or nitric oxide production. There are also some supplements that increase both testosterone and nitric oxide.

Testosterone is a key hormone underlying sexual function. Certain levels of testosterone are necessary in order for a man to experience sexual desire and for him to get erections and otherwise function sexually. If a man has inadequate levels of testosterone, he is likely to have no or little libido and may experience erectile dysfunction. To learn more about testosterone on Truelibido, please go here.

Nitric oxide is a chemical that is necessary in order for a man to get an erection. It is a essential element in the process where a penis is filled with blood and goes from flaccid to erect.

When a penis is flaccid, the smooth muscles in the penis are in a state of contraction. When these muscles contract, they clench around the blood vessels in the penis and do not let blood flow into the penis, other than for small amounts for maintenance purposes. Nitric oxide enables these smooth muscles to relax. When they relax, they give up their tight clench around the blood vessels. The blood vessels can then open up, blood can flow into the penis and an erection can start to form. Without nitric oxide, the smooth muscles would still be in contraction and the penis would still be flaccid. To learn more about nitric oxide on Truelibido, please go here.

Herbal supplement sexual desire

Pharmaceutical drugs like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra will normally only have one effect on a male, and that is to make the penis erect (although there are some indications that certain of these drugs may also slightly increase testosterone). That said, this one effect from the pharmaceutical drugs can be very strong and can for many men be very helpful. However, I never liked taking medication or drugs, and I particularly don’t like the side-effects from pharmaceutical drugs.

In fact, I have found supplements, or combinations of some of these supplements, to provide effects that are similarly strong to that of the pharmaceutical drugs. I have found non-pharmaceuticals that are just as good, or even better, than the pharmaceuticals. Better because, not only do these supplements have the ability to help with erections, but they have also not given me any side effects. Even from taking a relatively high dose of 7 grams or more of some of these supplements, I have not experienced any side effects. But perhaps even more important, not only have these supplements helped me get and sustain erections, but they also have additional effects, at least on me. After having experimented with several supplements, these are the effects I have experienced:

  • An increased sex drive: Many of these supplements make me feel an increased desire for sex and make me have more frequent sexual thoughts. I can often feel a boost to my libido.
  • Hard and long-lasting erections: By taking many of these supplements, I have been able to achieve rock hard and persistent erections. Erections have lasted pretty much for as long as I have wanted and it has also been easy to get it up again after taking a short break.
  • Increased pleasure: Several of these supplements have amplified the sensation I have experienced from sexual stimulation. They have expanded the range of pleasurable sensations beyond the scale of sensations I was used to.

I have experienced that some of the supplements have one of these effects, some have two and some have all three. Also, when I have combined different supplements with different attributes, I have been able to achieve multiple effects (typically all three) that have been simply astonishing.

I am still experimenting with new supplements and I intend to add more of these to Truelibido in the future.

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