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ED Common In Men with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
A new study has revealed that erectile dysfunction is common in men with newly diagnosed inflammatory bowel disease.

The study, that was done at University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, analyzed 69 men with inflammatory bowel disease.

The men had an average age of 43.3 years when the study stared, and were followed up over 2 years.

What was the correlation..
Pollution Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Although this is common sense and it has been suspected for a long time that poor air quality can cause erectile dysfunction, at least now it is scientifically proven.

Researchers at Guangzhou University, China, performed a study on the effects of motor vehicle exhaust (VE) on erectile performance in rats..

What Guys Wish Their Partner New About ED

Erectile dysfunction is for most men very difficult to talk about.

It’s not like diabetes, poor vision or other health problems. There is something about our inability to get ‘it up’ that makes it very difficult to talk about

We men don’t talk to our friends about our..