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Is ED Common In Young Men?
We often think of erectile dysfunction as something that affects men of age. But does it also affect young men?

The asnswer is yes. In fact, ED is quite common in younger men and it is seemingly becoming more and more common in the younger generations.

Several research studies have found that approximately 5-10% of men aged 20-29, and 10-30% of men aged 30-39 are affected by erectile dysfunction. 

And that of all men who struggle with ED, 25-30% are often below the age of 40.

Why do so many young men have erectile dysfunction..
Two Women On Dating Men With ED

Millions of men struggle getting it up. In fact, the Truelibido estimate is that as many as 20% of all men worldwide have some degree of erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, many women have also been (and are currently) in relationships with men who suffer from ED.What is it like for the woman..

5 Signs Of Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that governs and regulates everything sexual that goes on in your body.

Therefore, to have adequate levels of testosterone is essential in order for you to have a healthy sex drive and to function well sexually.

It is also crucial..