I have struggled with ED for a few years. And I have tried several remedies to overcome my ED, including pharmaceutical drugs, PRP therapy and shockwave treatment. However, Truelibido has given me two discoveries that have helped my ED tremendously: 1) I learned that taking high quality supplements in large dozes have enabled me to again get rock hard erections, and 2) I have realized how incredibly important exercise and being outdoors are for my body to function well sexually. By taking supplements and being physically active, I have again been able to get erections and have sex just like I did before. Thanks Truelibido!
Steve, 50, Montana
August 08, 2018
I was suddenly hit by ED at the age of 52. It was a terrible time as I had just met a wonderful younger woman and I panicked for fear of losing her. I started looking for a solution, and with the help of Truelibido I realized I had a number of very manageable problems including low-vitamin D, inadequate sleep, severe short-term anxiety, and a dependence on porn for sexual fulfillment. I changed my mindset and lifestyle, ate better, slept better, exercised better, quit porn, took several supplements, and tried to stress down. It's been two months since I made these changes, and I am now again able to have erections and function sexually. THANK YOU for the incredible value you have provided with Truelibido.
Weldon, 52, Arizona
August 08, 2018
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