In my quest to overcome these problems, I therefore started in the dark and I had to fumble my way out. Since I didn’t know where to start or where to go, I decided to try absolutely everything that I thought could possible have a positive impact. As a result, I went on several de-tours and ended up on many dead-ends. I wasted lots of time.

In fact, I spent more than 10 years figuring myself out. But in the end, I found a solution. I found a solution to cure my own erectile dysfunction and a bring my libido back to life.

The solution I applied to myself is the exact principles you learned about in this 10-week program. These principles worked for me. They enabled me to re-boot and re-wire my body and mind and to again be able to function well sexually.

Therefore, should I have encountered these sexual problems for the first time today (but having the knowledge I have today), these are the exact steps I would take to try to overcome my own erectile dysfunction and libido problems.

Would I be able to cure my erectile dysfunction and a bring my libido back in 10 weeks?

If my own erectile dysfunction was extremely severe (let’s say I was very overweight, had been a very heavy smoker or was an extreme porn addict), there is good chance that 10 weeks would not be enough to regain sexual functions.

But as long as my conditions were not extremely severe, I do believe that I could have overcome my problems in 10 weeks.

I also wanted to say, that the principles you learned about in this program, the principles that enabled me to overcome my problems, are not just principles I maintained for 10 weeks. I still maintain all of them today, and I have done this for several years already.

When I started implementing these principles, what I did was to remove bad and unhealthy habits and actions from my life, such as stress and pornography. And I added good and healthy ones, such as eating better foods and getting more sunshine.

As a result, I provided a healthier and better environment for my body and mind. Instead of being in distress, my body and mind could instead flourish and reach their potential.

Because of this, my sexual functions came back to life, and it didn’t take too long until I performed sexually almost as I did in my peak. And I no longer have any issues, worries or concerns about sex or sexual performance.

But not only have I consistently been able to function well sexually for the last few years, I also have more energy and I feel more alive. I have more drive and passion, I feel sharper, more focused and more capable of making good decisions. I also became more grateful for living and for the many good things in life.

With the changes I have made to my life and by maintaining these healthy principles, the quality of my life has significantly improved.

If you chose to follow this program, I also wanted to say – congratulations! Congratulations for having taken action to try to solve one of your problems.

There are millions of people out there that have a problems they want to fix, but never take action. If you don’t take action, you are probably not going to solve the problem.

And as you were going through the program, I hope you started seeing improvements bit by bit. Maybe your sex drive increased, maybe you started having rock hard morning erections, or started seeing other improvements.

And then I hope you got encouraged. I hope you felt that this could actually solve your problems and that you could regain your sexual functions by continuing the program.

And then as you hopefully started seeing even larger improvements as you continued to program and that you got real hope and motivation.

And then in the end, I really hope it worked for you. I hope you were able to cure your own erectile dysfunction and libido problems. I hope you were again able to function well sexually and have the same sex-life as you did before.

And if you were in fact able to again get erections and function well sexually, I hope you decided to continue the principles of the program. This way you could potentially have gotten rid of erectile dysfunction for good and forever.

And if you were indeed able to cure your own erectile dysfunction, I hope you are super happy, and that you also feel empowered because you 1) identified a problem that you had, and 2) you took action to solve it, and 3) you solved it.

And I hope that your life now is better than when you started this program.

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