When I started implementing these changes, I removed bad and unhealthy habits and actions from my life, and I added good and healthy ones. As a result, I provided a healthier and better environment for my body and mind. Instead of being in distress and facing abuse, my body and mind was in a position to shake off the ropes that held it back, and instead flourish and reach its potential.

Although it took more than a decade to overcome erectile dysfunction and an almost non-existent libido, I am forever grateful that there was a solution to my problems. And I feel very privileged and fortunate that I have regained my sex drive and sexual functioning. I now function sexually as I did in my prime. And I no longer have any issues, worries or concerns about sex or sexual performance. As a result, my life quality and happiness is restored to what it was before I first encountered these problems, and is perhaps as high as ever.

Not only did these changes restore my libido and enable me to function sexually, but they also made me feel and look better, they also gave me more energy, more drive in life and more passion. My mind became clearer, I became more grateful and I got healthier outlook on life.

I am very hopeful, that had I never struggled with erectile dysfunction and an almost non-existent libido until today — that I would have been able to solve my problems following this step-by-step guide. I say that because many, if not most of the reasons or causes for why these problems occur, would be reversed and restored by following and being diligent with the step-by-step guide.

You – and any men (and women for that matter) are more than welcome to learn from my experiences. You are also more than welcome to, at your own risk, to choose to follow the steps that I would have taken for myself to overcome these conditions. I believe, based on my own experiences, that many men could in fact overcome their own sexual problems by following the steps I prescribed for myself.

Ever since I overcame my struggles with erectile dysfunction and an almost non-existent libido, I have maintained all the principles in this step-by-step guide, other than taking all the supplements. I have done this for years and my problems have not resurfaced.

I don’t really need supplements anymore to function sexually. My libido and sexual function are totally fine without. However, I still take them from time to time. That is because I absolutely love the effect some of these supplements give me, and particularly tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris, fenugreek and horny goat weed, and also and maca. They make my libido more intense, make my erections harder, and they also increase the pleasurable sensations I get when having sex – they make sex even better.

I also wanted to say that if I were unable to overcome my problems following this step-by-step plan – that all hope for a good sex life would not be lost. There are other means, although not necessarily the most desirable ones, such as pharmaceutical drugs, pumps, implants, penis rings and other means that could enable me to have a satisfactory sex life.

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