I have written this program as a step-by-step guide to myself. The guide tells me what I would do to overcome erectile dysfunction or libido problems assuming that I had these problems for the first time.

By following this step-by-step plan, or program, I would be able to both remove unhealthy habits from my life as well as add healthy ones. If done properly, this should start the process of slowly re-balancing my body. It should make it run on the right fuels, be exposed to the right stimuli and start to slowly make it function better. It should provide an environment in which my body could thrive and reach its potential, instead of being subjected to abuse and distress.

I am very keen on sharing what I have learned with other men. I think it would be fantastic, if other men out there with similar problems to the ones I had, could learn from my experiences and overcome their own sexual health problems. Therefore, in this section called The Solution, I want to give you the knowledge I accumulated over more than 10 years about how I overcame erectile dysfunction and libido problems.

How long it would take to cure my ED and get my libido back, assuming I faced this for the first time? It would depend on how severe my conditions were. Meaning, it would depend on how out of balance my body would be. And it would also depend on how consistent and thorough I would be in applying the actions of the program.

But my guess is that it would take somewhere from 3-4 weeks to 3-4 months.

Let’s say that I followed this step-by-step plan, and that I overcame erectile dysfunction and got my libido back. Would I then stop maintaining the principles from this program and revert to my old life?

Not if I wanted to continue to function well sexually. In order to permanently cure my erectile dysfunction, I would want to maintain these healthy principles and make it a lifestyle change. By living this way, I would provide my body with a healthy environment that would give it a chance to function optimally.

Today, I maintain all these principles every day, and I have done this for several years. And during this period, my ED has consistently been gone and my libido has been strong.

To run a check on whether this program was working or not, I could revert to my old lifestyle for a few weeks, and see what would happen to my ability to function sexually.

What I do know from my decade-long process of overcoming these issues, is that I would probably only see great results if I were diligent and devoted. If I were not diligent and devoted, but rather took a haphazard approach with shortcuts, there is a high probability that the results would be disappointing.

Lastly, I wanted to say that in my struggles to overcome these problems, it was tremendously helpful for me to have an understanding partner. Sex is an activity that involves two people (or more), and therefore it was very helpful to be able to lean on someone who wasn’t getting mad or upset. We could talk about things, set expectations and have a common understanding. This helped avoid insecurity, anxiety, anger and disappointment. If I were facing these problems today, I would make it a priority to communicate very openly with my partner (if I had one).

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