Because my dopamine receptors would no longer react to the dopamine as they used to, normal sexual processes would start faltering. One of the first functions to falter, would be the ability to get erections.

In other words, because my brain could no longer get the dopamine it used to get, it became more difficult for me to get erections. And I also started losing my sex drive. To learn more about dopamine on Truelibido, please go here. Also, to learn more about my experiences with pornography and masturbation on Truelibido, please go here.

I was also having sex with the help of pharmaceutical drugs. These drugs enabled me to have sex whenever I wanted. So even if my body was not ready for sex and was sexually exhausted and depleted, I could still have sex. This was not a good thing. Because I then kept on having sex even as my body was getting more and more worn out sexually. It didn’t get a chance to rest and recover and to get back into balance. As a result, the state of my sexual problems just got worse and worse.

When I learned that too much sexual stimulation was likely to have a negative effect on my ability to function well sexually, I stopped these activities immediately. I was desperate to overcome my sexual problems so quit cold turkey.

However, there was no immediate effect. It did take time for my brain and body to reset and for my dopamine receptors to get back to normal. But bit by bit, I started seeing positive changes.

I started to desire sex more. I started craving it more. I would start to have random sexual thoughts out of nowhere. Then I would start getting erections after my random sexual thoughts. This could be anywhere. At work, at a restaurant, on the bus – anywhere.

As I continued to refrain from sexual stimulation, erections would come more easily and last longer. Morning erections would also be stronger. And I would overall feel more sexually charged.

One key lesson I learned from this, is that the less often I have sex (or experience sexual stimulation), the more intense it feels. Hence, by experiencing sexual stimulation less frequently, the sensations simply become more pleasurable.

For me, changing my approach to sex and removing masturbation and pornography from my life has had a huge impact on my ability to function sexually. It has been the action that had the largest positive impact on my erectile dysfunction and my libido.

Should I for the first time today experience erectile dysfunction and weak libido, This would be the number one action I would take. I would stop watching porn, stop masturbating, stop having sex, and stop anything sexual.

By giving my brain a break from any sexual activity whatsoever, I would give my body a chance to recover. This would enable my body to start the process of undoing any harm that had been done to it from this excessive sexual stimulation.

By stopping this stimulation, my body would get a chance to rebuild desire for sex and to regain the ability to function normally.

If dopamine receptors in my brain had gotten numbed or stopped working, it would start the process of slowly giving life back to these receptors, so that they could again start processing dopamine they way they should.

It would give the reward system in my brain a chance to get back in balance, so that it could function normally and so that only a normal amount of sexual stimulation would be needed to get erections.

Instead of draining my libido pretty much every day, I could instead start to build and increase my libido.

This abstinence from sexual activities would turn sexual stimulation into something that was more scarce, something that was not a day-to-day activity. This should slowly change my mindset and not only increase my desire for sex, but probably also provide more appreciation for sex.

The overall result of this abstinence should be to increase my libido and also to improve my erectile functioning so that I would be able to get erections in a normal manner.

One important point to make: I would be very, very disciplined about this abstinence. If I started having urges to have sex or masturbate, I would not give in to the urges. The fact that these urges might appear would in fact be a good sign – it would mean that I was about to start to regain healthy sexual function. However, I would wait engaging in sex for a while longer to give myself a better chance of recovering properly.

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