These supplements will normally increase the body’s production of testosterone, nitric oxide and dopamine.

Testosterone, nitric oxide and dopamine are all important because they help a man function better sexually.

Testosterone is the male sex hormones which supports sexual functions. It is an absolutely paramount ingredient for functioning sexually and to reproduce. Without testosterone, it would be almost impossible to have a libido, get erections or have sex.

Nitric oxide is a gas that is essential in order for a man to get an erection. It is what relaxes the smooth muscles in the penis which again allows blood to flow into the penis so that an erection can form.

Dopamine is needed in order to have a craving for sex, or a sex drive. It is also critical in order for the whole erection process to start. With on or too little dopamine, it would be almost impossible to get erections.

However, in order for these supplements to increase production of testosterone, nitric oxide and dopamine, there are in my experience three criteria to be very important: Quality, timing and doze.

I would be very careful that I was only using a very high quality and high potency version of these supplements, I would take the supplements about 60-90 minutes before sex, and I would take large dozes.

Tongkat Ali is a small tree that is native to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma and Laos. Tongkat Ali supplements are typically made from the root of the tree, where certain elements are extracted.

Tongkat Ali improves sexual function in two main ways: 1) By increasing testosterone production, and 2) reducing free calcium levels.

Tongkat Ali increases the body’s testosterone levels in 4 potential ways:

Tongkat Ali also has the ability to reduce free calcium levels. Calcium regulates a man’s erection. When a penis is flaccid, the smooth muscles in the penis are kept in a state of contraction, and this contraction is maintained by high levels of free calcium.

Tongkat Ali can reduce these free calcium levels and therefore make it easier to get and keep an erection.


I would also be particularly careful when it comes to the quality of Tongkat Ali. This is because my experience with most Tongkat Ali supplements has been disappointing.

I would therefore only purchase Tongkat Ali directly from a manufacturer, or one of the manufacturers direct wholesalers (if possible). I would also ensure that there was a certificate stating that the supplement contains what it was supposed to contain, and that it have no or very low levels of any toxins.

I would take a Tongkat Ali supplement that was extracted to at least 50:1, and I would take about 7 grams of this in powder form, or about a half-topped tablespoon. 

Tongkat Ali powder can be mixed with water and drunk. However, in my opinion, the taste is so bitter and awful, that I prefer to put the powder in capsules. When I swallow the capsules, there is no taste. If you want to purchase a capsule maker set and capsules, you can get them here.

To purchase a high quality Tongkat Ali supplements, you can go here

The reason for taking l-citrulline would be to increase my nitric oxide production. I would take a half-topped tablespoon of l-citrulline in powder form, or about 7 grams. To purchase l-citrulline online, you can go here.

The reason for taking pine bark would also be to increase my nitric oxide production, but via a different way. Whereas l-citrulline provides the ingredients for making nitric oxidepine bark makes the nitric oxide production more efficient, so that more can be produced in the same amount of time.

To purchase a high quality pine bark supplement, you can go here.

The reasons for taking ZMA would be to 1) increase testosterone production, 2) support  androgen receptors, 3) increase dopamine production, 4) increase nitric oxide production and, 5) decrease  prolactin levels.

I would take about 0.75 grams of ZMA, which normally comes out to 3 capsules or tablets of ZMA. If you want to purchase ZMA online, you can get it here.

I would take Tribulus Terrestris to both increase testosterone levels as well as making the body’s manufacturing process of nitric oxide more efficient.

I would take about 7 grams of Tribulus Terrestris in powder form, and I would prefer to put the Tribulus Terrestris powder in capsules, because otherwise, the taste is almost unbearable.

If you want to purchase high quality Tribulus Terrestris, you can find it here.

I would take Mucuna Pruriens to further increase testosterone production, 2) increase dopamine levels, and 3) reduce prolactin levels.

I would also take about 7 grams of Mucuna Pruriens in powder form, and I would also prefer to put the Mucuna Pruriens powder in capsules, because to me, the taste is awful.

If you want to purchase high quality Mucuna Pruriens, you can find it here.

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Similarly to the earlier weeks, I would also this time prefer to be with an understanding and patient partner.

And I would want us to work together towards overcoming my erectile dysfunction and libido problems. This would make it a lot easier to go through this program, and probably also increase the chances that I would get a successful outcome.

I would also this time be very straight-to-the-point about the sex. I would not do more foreplay than necessary to get an erection, and then proceed to intercourse. The reason for this is that I wouldn’t want to lose my erection. Getting a ‘new’ erection after losing it the first time can sometimes be difficult. Therefore, I would proceed to sex as soon as I had a strong and firm erection.

I would have sex in my favorite position(s). and also, if it were safe, not use a condom. By having sex in my favorite position(s) and not using a condom, I would increase the pleasurable sensations from sex, which should normally also lead to firmer erections.

If possible, I would also this time try to not get to the point of having an orgasm. By doing so, I could continue to build my libido instead of draining it.

I would now be in the last week of the program, and hopefully my body would now be ready for sex. The only way to find out would be to try to have sex. I would therefore also in this week try to have sex once.

If I was able to have sex successfully in this week, then I might have found a cure to my own erectile dysfunction. I should then presumably, simply by maintaining the principles from week 1-10, be able to consistently function well sexually.

In other words, by continuing and maintaining the principles from week 1-10, I should be able to overcome my sexual problems.

If I had now solved my erectile dysfunction and libido problems, it is very likely that these problems were directly caused by one or more of the following: excessive sexual stimulation, nutritional deficiency, smoking / drinking / drug abuse, inadequate exercise, weak pelvic floor muscles, stress, bad sleep, or insufficient sun exposure. Or my body might have suffered from inadequate levels of nitric oxide, testosterone or dopamine.

If sex was now satisfactory, I could then adjust how often I could have sex and still function well sexually. I could experiment with this frequency and find something that worked for me. Perhaps this would be 1-3 times a week.

In order to remain very highly sexually charged, I would also limit my orgasms to once every 4-6 weeks.

If sex was indeed successful and I wanted to try to find the one or the few causes, that were responsible for my erectile dysfunction and libido problems, I could start to reverse the program. I could then try to remove the actions I took on from (for instance) week 7 (sun).

If by maintaining all the principles in week 1-10 for a few weeks, other than getting more sun, I was still able to function well sexually, the sun part was probably not responsible for my erectile dysfunction and libido problems. If I wanted to, I could now roll back another change, and then another, etc., to try to get to the very bottom of what caused my problems.

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By taking 7 grams of several of the supplements, I would take more than 30 grams of supplements in total. Is this safe?

The answer is that I don’t know. I don’t know whether these amounts could cause health complications, nor do I know whether taking these supplements in high dozes over time could cause long-term problems.

What I do know, is that during the 3-4 years I have taken these supplements in high dozes, to my knowledge, I have never had any side-effects or any complications or problems.

If I was still not able to have satisfactory sex in this week, what would I do?

First of all, I would assess if there had been any progress during the 10 week program. For instance, did I have more frequent spontaneous erections, or a stronger sex drive, stronger morning erections, was I able to get an erection while having sex but not being able to keep it? Were there progress and positive signs?

If there was no progress, I would probably stop. I would conclude that my erectile dysfunction and libido problems were probably not related to my lifestyle.

This is assuming that I had been diligent with the program, and that I had followed it step-by-step.

If there had been decent progress and I had seen positive signs, I would consider giving the program 5 more weeks.

There is a chance that my body had been significantly out of balance and simply needed more time to adjust. This could particularly be true if I had been significantly overweight. It could take time to lose enough weight to bring adequate life back to my sexual functions.

I may also need more time if I had been a heavy smoker as I may need more time to clear out toxins. Or I may also need more time if I had been a complete porn addict, as I may need more time to re-wire my brain.

If I were to continue for another 5 weeks, I would in these 5 weeks continue all actions from week 1-10. And I would be super diligent.

In each of these 5 weeks, I would try to have sex once, but only once. If I was able to have successful sex during one of these weeks, I might have finally overcome my erectile dysfunction and libido problems.

If that were the case, and then in order to continue to function well sexually, I would maintain all the principles from week 1-10.

If this enabled me to function well sexually for several weeks, I could if I wanted to, start to reverse some of the changes to try to get to the bottom of my problems. I would first try to see if I could function well sexually by taking one less supplement, and then another, etc.

If sex was still not successful after these 5 weeks and I saw no additional progress, I would probably stop there.

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If I saw additional progress, I would consider giving the program a few more weeks, as my body might just need even more time.

Final Words

If I was not able to regain sexual functions, there would still be options for having sex. It would not be the end of the world. Yes, it would be unfortunate that I would not be able to fix my erectile dysfunction and libido, but there would still be ways in which I could enjoy sex, and have a good sex-life.

One option would be pharmaceutical drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. If I had gone through the 10-week step-by-step program diligently, and I have not been able to again function sexually, I would feel less bad about taking these pharmaceutical drugs. Because if I were not able to fix myself naturally, it would probably be the next logical solution.

A relatively new treatment that has shown promising results, is shockwave therapy. It is possible that this in the future can be a reliable treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Another relatively new treatment are gels. One would apply these gels to the penis, which would then trigger an erection. It is also possible that this will become a good option for treating erectile dysfunction.

For severe cases, there is also the option of penis implants and penis pumps, that enable a man to get an erection. This is rather invasive, and many men would probably only consider this as last resort.

I also wanted to mention acupuncture as a possible remedy to erectile dysfunction and libido problems. I have no experience with this, but studies have shown promising results.

In addition, it is also possible that in the future, stem-cell treatment could help men regain sexual function.

This was the last week of the program. The last week of 10 weeks of positive lifestyle changes.

During these 10 weeks I would have made many changes to how I lived my life. I would have done this because I wanted to re-balance my body, to get it back in a condition where it could function optimally (or close to optimally), and therefore also give it a chance to function well sexually.

I would have done this by eating healthier, exercising more, changing my approach to masturbation, pornography and sex, stressing less, etc.

From going through this step-by-step program, three things could have happened:

  • I could have cured my erectile dysfunction and libido problems and again regained sexual function
  • I could have seen improvements to my sexual functions
  • There could have been no improvements

If I were able to regain sexual functions, I would probably be the happiest man around. It would then smile, celebrate and be grateful for being able to solve one of my problems.

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