As for the earlier weeks of the program, I would also during these weeks continue the actions I would have taken on from the earlier weeks, except for abstaining from sex. That means I would not watch porn or masturbate, I would eat healthier and take supplements to try to cover nutritional deficiencies, quit drugs and smoking, quit drinking or only drink modestly, I would try to exercise an hour every day, try to lose weight if I were overweight, do Kegel exercises, try to stress less, try to sleep more and better, get sun exposure, take herbal supplements targeted directly at improving sexual functions, and try to refrain from having orgasms (or severely limit the frequency of orgasms).

I would also remind myself of the importance of continuing these principles. For instance, the effect from exercise could potentially take weeks or months to play out, and therefore it would be crucially important to stay faithful to the changes I had already implemented. Even when or if I started to regain the desired sexual function, it would be important to maintain the key principles to avoid going back to square one.

During the last few weeks, I would have tried to have sex with the help of l-argenine + pine bark + ZMA + tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris, fenugreek and horny goat weed, but I would have rotated the last four supplements. I would have tried out all of these separately to see if that yielded any improvement. If this was successful, I might by now have partially or fully overcome my sexual problems. However, if sex was not fully satisfactory or if I wanted to continue the step-by-step plan, I would again in this week try to have sex, but again only once.

During the four first weeks of this last period of the step-by-step program, I would again take l-argenine + pine bark + ZMA + one of the supplements tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris, fenugreek and horny goat weed. I would take one of the last four supplements per week for these four weeks. This means that that I would take tongkat ali one week, tribulus terrestris one week, fenugreek one week and horny goat weed one week (in whichever order I would have wanted). I would also increase the dosage of all supplements by 1/3.

If the first four weeks of this period did not provide satisfactory results, I would during the next three weeks of the program start to stack up the herbal supplements. I would first take l-argenine + pine bark + ZMA + two of the supplements tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris, fenugreek and horny goat weed. Next week, I would take l-argenine + pine bark + ZMA + three of the supplements tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris, fenugreek and horny goat weed. The week after that, I would take l-argenine + pine bark + ZMA + all four of the supplements tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris, fenugreek and horny goat weed. I would reduce the dosage of all the supplements back to the initial dosage (approximately 750 mg of pine bark, about 7 grams of l-arginine, approximately 500 mg of ZMA, and about 7 grams of each of the herbal supplements.

If these three weeks of this period did not yield the results I wanted, I would during the last three weeks of the program, take all the supplements and I would also take them in increased dosages. This means, that for each of the three weeks, I would take approximately 1000 mg of pine bark, about 10 grams of l-arginine, approximately 650 mg of ZMA, and about 10 grams of each of the herbal supplements tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris, fenugreek and horny goat weed.

I would again be very careful that I was using very high quality and high potency versions of tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris, fenugreek and horny goat weed. In my experience, these supplements are not available in high quality and high potency forms from normal supplement or nutrition stores. Often, these supplements are very weak as they contain only small amounts of the active ingredients. I would therefore try to get these directly from the manufacturers, or from a reputable wholesaler.

Similarly to the preceding weeks, I would also this week have preferred to be with a very understanding and patient partner, and for us to work together towards overcoming the erectile dysfunction and libido problems.

I would also this week be very straight-to-the-point about the sex. I would not engage in much foreplay – just enough to get an erection, and then proceed to intercourse in my favorite position. And also, if it was safe, I would not wear a condom in order to maximize the pleasurable sensations from sex.

If possible, I would also this week try to not get to the point of an orgasm. By abstaining from having an orgasm, I could continue to build my libido instead of reducing it. To learn more about my experience with orgasm and ejaculation on Truelibido, please go here.

I would by now be at the end of the program. My body might by now have been re-balanced enough to be ready for sex. It might have taken almost half a year of dedication and effort to finally overcome erectile dysfunction and a weak libido. But if I now finally had a breakthrough, and was able to successfully have sex, it would hopefully all be worth the efforts.

If I wanted to, I could continue to maintain all the principles that I had taken on in order to maintain my body in a state where it had a strong libido and where erectile dysfunction was no longer a problem.

However, if I had finally overcome my sexual health problems, I would do the following: I would drop all the supplement and take a step back. I would 100% maintain the early principles from the program: Stop sexual over-stimulation, eat healthier, quit smoking / drinking / drugs, exercise more, stress less, sleep more and better and try to get some direct sun exposure. These are actions that will normally increase most people’s health and my guess is that most health professionals would in fact advocate doing all this. I would also refrain from having frequent orgasms. By maintaining these actions alone and not taking any of the supplements I would have started taking in week six, it is possible that I my body would have recovered. It is possible, that by doing this, erectile dysfunction and a weak libido would be part of the past.

If his alone was not sufficient, I would restart with the supplements. I would take those supplements that had given some success and in the doses that worked for me. However, I would from time to time get off the supplements and try to have sex without. I would do this to see if at some point, the supplements were no longer needed. I would also be careful to become ‘dependent’ on one supplement, but rather try to rotate them, and also try out other herbal supplements. To learn more about other supplements on Truelibido, please go here.

If sex was now finally successful, I could then adjust how often I could have sex based on how strong my libido would be. I would also allow myself to have orgasms periodically, but ideally only every 4-6 weeks.

At the same time, if sex was successful and I wanted to try to find the one cause, or one main cause (if there was only one) of my problems, I could reverse the program. I could then try to remove the sun changes I took on from week 7 for instance, and see if after this I was still able to function sexually. If I were, then the sun part was probably not responsible for my problems.

If I were not successful at overcoming erectile dysfunction and a weak libido after the 22 weeks of this program, or if I didn’t experience and material improvement with my conditions, I would be of the opinion that my conditions were probably not caused by problems related to my lifestyle. Unless I at this point was obese (still) or there were still lifestyle issues that were not resolved (for instance that I still didn’t get adequate sleep or that I still stressed too much), I would believe that there were other causes behind my problems. These could be genetic, could be due to permanent damage from an accident, severe testosterone deficiency, living in a place that was too polluted, or similar.

However, if I saw some improvement along the way from one or more of the actions that I took on, I would zoom in on these and try to do more of this. For instance, if by getting a good amount of sun exposure on a holiday got my libido jumping, I would try to get more sun exposure as often as possible.

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