I learned this the hard way. I learned this by experiencing first-hand what happened to my body during a period when I basically ate nutrition-less junk. My diet consisted of a sugary and cheap cereal with milk in the morning, bread with peanut-butter for lunch, and pasta and pasta-sauce for dinner.

In essence, during these months, I built and maintained my body using poor building materials. I gave my body bad fuel. I ate so poorly that both my sex drive and my ability to function sexually totally disappeared.

However, my real diet epiphany came when I switched from this nutrition-less diet to a much more nutritious vegetarian diet. After just a couple of days on this much improved diet, my sexual function jumped back into life! It was such a remarkable change that it was almost difficult to believe. It was as different as night and day.

And it was also not a one-off lucky event. I noticed a remarkable shift in my ability to get erections and function sexually, when I maintained this healthy diet.

After I learned how import what I eat is for how I feel and how my body works, I have also consistently maintained a super healthy diet. To learn more about my experiences with diet on Truelibido, please go here.

Therefore, should I happen to experience erectile dysfunction and libido problems today for the first time, I would ensure that I provided my body with all the key nutrients it needs. I would try to provide my body with optimal fuel and building materials.

In short, this would mean eating more vegetables (particularly raw vegetables), more fruit, more nuts and seeds, more mushrooms, less meat, less processed food, less dairy, less sugar, less bad fat and less salt.

However, it may be difficult to at all times provide the body with all the nutrients it needs through foods. In fact, just by living a modern lifestyle, this can be a very challenging task. And it is in fact more common to be deficient in one or more vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc., than it is to have adequate amounts of all of them.

It is quite common to be deficient in one or more of vitamin A, B vitamins (there are several B vitamins), vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, iodine, zinc, magnesium, and a few others. To learn more about my experiences with supplements on Truelibido, please go here.

When the body is deficient in for instance vitamin A, or iodine, there are certain functions in the body that cannot function in their intended ways. Because if these functions don’t have the right materials or tools for the job, the job is likely to be poorly performed, or not done at all.

And one of the key lessons from my 10 years of experimenting is that as soon as my body is out of balance (from for instance nutritional deficiency), some of the first functions to stop working are the sexual functions.

I have found that particularly vitamin D, zinc and magnesium play an important role in my ability to function properly sexually. Or put differently, when I have been deficient in one or more of these, it has been much more difficult to get and maintain erections.

Should I encounter erectile dysfunction and libido problems for the first time today, I would take a very good multivitamin / mineral formula, I would take fish oil (unless I ate fish 3 times a week), vitamin B12 (if I ate little meat or dairy), and I would take an additional vitamin D supplement (if I got little sunshine). In addition, I would during times of lots of exercise take a zinc and magnesium supplement.

The multivitamin / mineral formula should provide a daily minimum amount of key vitamins and minerals, and as such just ensure that the body is not totally depleted of any of these.

If I were to be vegan or vegetarian, I would also take vitamin B12 as this vitamin is not found in vegetables or fruit.

The fish oil provides omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential to several processes in the body and are as such very important for a well-balanced body. It is also quite common to be deficient in omega 3 fatty acids.

It is also very common to be vitamin D3 deficient. It is almost impossible to get enough vitamin D3 through foods. The majority of vitamin D3 is normally provided by the sun. However, many people don’t get enough sun exposure. And on the occasions we do, we normally wear sunscreen which limits the amounts of vitamin D3 the sun can provide us. Therefore, a vitamin D3 supplement can be very useful. To learn more about my experiences with the sun and vitamin D3 on Truelibido, please go here.

Lastly, I also work out and play sports several times a week. When exercising and sweating, one normally loses significant amounts of zinc. Therefore, I would supplement with zinc during times of heavy exercise.

I have never done any drugs, never smoked and have in the past only been drinking very moderately. However, had I been doing drugs or been smoking, I would have quit those immediately. Smoking and doing drugs can cause all kinds of damages to the body, including reduced blood flow, malfunction of important processes in the body and lower production of important substances such as nitric oxide and testosterone. Any of these can have a negative effect on libido and erectile functioning.

If I were drinking excessively, I would have quit this as well, or significantly reduced it. Excessive alcohol consumption can reduce bloodflow, increase cortisol and cause heard damage, and can therefore also have negative effects on libido and erectile functioning. To learn more about the effects of these substances (in the diet section on Truelibido), please go here.

By changing my diet to become healthier and by providing my body with what it needs, and also by removing elements that are harmful to it, I would provide myself with the right building blocks and proper fuel to maintain and run my body well.

I would by doing this start to create a nutritional environment in my body that would allow my body to flourish and reach its potential, instead of having it run up against ‘the wall.

Nutritional deficiencies should then no longer be the cause of erectile dysfunction or a weak libido, after these imbalances were restored. Curing nutritional deficiencies may also have other impacts and benefits, such as making me more alert, give me more energy and make me feel better overall.

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