Keep in mind that when an erection forms, the penis is filled with blood, and when an erection is sustained, this blood is being trapped in the penis. It’s a very delicate process with a significant number of steps and inter-related mechanisms, and it may only take a minor disturbance to the bloodflow to cause this process to falter. To learn more about the erection process on Truelibido, please go here.

But not only will bloodflow normally be impacted by this sedentary lifestyle, but testosterone levels are also likely to decrease, glucose levels are likely to go up, levels of tryglycerides are likely to increase, nitric oxide production is likely to be impaired and insulin resistance is more likely to occur. All of these are likely to have a negative impact on erectile functioning as well as libido.

During long-lasting periods where I didn’t exercise at all, I have had severe struggles with a very low sex drive as well as problems getting it up. When I didn’t exercise, I would also start feeling weak and out of shape. I would then experience a muted libido. My body and mind simply didn’t crave sex. Along with this low libido also came a reduced ability to perform sexually. To learn more about my experiences with exercise on Truelibido, please go here.

If I were to encounter erectile dysfunction and libido problems for the first time today, I would make sure I exercised frequently. I would try to exercise for at least one hour every day. In addition to this, I would try to also do a good amount of walking, as it’s good to get the body moving. I would emphasize aerobic forms of exercise, such as medium/long-distance running, cycling, swimming or similar. Sports like football or tennis or basketball are great, because not only do they entail a lot of running but can also be a lot of fun.

I would also do some strength training, or anaerobic training. I would either go to a gym to exercise with weights or alternatively use my body-weight to do exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats, jumps, etc.

Adequate exercise and a more active lifestyle will normally help reverse the negative consequences that are often caused by a sedentary lifestyle, and also improve the overall condition of the body. Exercise trains the body, gets it fitter, stronger, better put together, clears veins of waste and plaque build-up, strengthens the cardiovascular system, increases bloodflow, repairs capillaries and veins and generally enables the body (and the mind) to function well.

And I wold also do a very different kind of exercise. I would exercise the muscles of the penis. To the best of my knowledge, very few people actually exercise the muscles that are attached to the penis. However, these muscles can, if well trained, be used to help control an erection as well as enable a man to speed up or delay ejaculation. Some people have also claimed that they can achieve multiple orgasms by training these muscles very well.

These muscles are called the pelvic floor muscles and are essential for a well performing sexual organ, both for males and females. The exercise of these pelvic floor muscles is often called Kegel exercises, after Arnold Kegel who first suggested that these exercises should be done by women. These exercises had positive effects on many women and were later adopted for men as well.

I discovered Kegel exercises at a point where I had already overcome erectile dysfunction and a weak libido, so I didn’t need the assistance of these exercises. However, If I were to encounter erectile dysfunction and libido problems for the first time today, I would incorporate Kegel exercises into my routine as part of my overall exercise program.

I would start with doing 10 hard squeezes for about 2 seconds each, rest a minute, do 10 more, rest a minute and do 10 more. After two weeks of this, I would increase to 3×15 repetitions. To learn more about Kegel exercises on Truelibido, please go here.

Doing these Kegel exercises should normally help increase the overall fitness and function of the penis, particularly if the pelvic floor muscles are weak. According to research, This should make it easier to get erections, and may significantly help reduce erectile dysfunction.

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