In addition to stress pushing sex off the cliff of my mind, this stress in periods completely muted my ability to get erections. When stress levels were particularly high, I was sexually practically dead. It was like my penis was lifeless. It was not really capable of changing its form. It seemed to have no interest in sex whatsoever. To learn more about my experiences with stress on Truelibido, please go here.

Elevated levels of stress over long periods of time have three main damaging effect on a man’s ability to function sexually.

  • It ‘hijacks’ the mind and leaves less room for sexual thoughts and sex in general.
  • It causes the body to produce large amounts of cortisol. This hormone normally causes levels of testosterone to decrease.
  • It diverts energy to the parts of the body and mind that are useful for dealing with the stressful situation (such as more energy to large muscles, better vision, better hearing, etc.), but also divert energy and attention away from functions that are not useful for the stressful situation, such as the reproductive systems and the immune system.

Therefore, a man who experiences large periods of elevated stress is much more likely to face erectile dysfunction and libido problems.

If I were to encounter erectile dysfunction and libido problems for the first time today, I would try very hard to stress down in situations that would normally cause me to stress. I would make a very conscious effort to not stress in times of pressure, but rather try to remain collected. Instead of letting emotions and stress hormones take over, I would try to stay calm.

Stress can be very useful if I am being chased by a dangerous animal in the woods. But, it is often not very helpful when I am working and need to multitask.

In this instance, it is normally better to remain calm and try to avoid stressing, as this enables me to focus patiently on the tasks I need to accomplish. What is often helpful for me when I experience stress like this, is to draw up a quick list of what I need to to, decide which ones are most important, and start working on the most important task, then the second most important task, and so on.

In addition to try to not stress in these stressful situations, I would generally try very hard to relax more and not exhaust myself mentally or emotionally. I would also try to disconnect my mind from stressful events when I could. For instance when I was not at work, I would try not to think about work (unless I had to).

And I would generally try to slow down and just embrace life. I would also consider picking up meditation or other relaxing techniques to try to get more relaxed and balanced overall.

By reducing stress levels, and particularly by removing persistent and elevated stress, I should be able to 1) free up mental space that should hopefully mean more space and room for sexual thoughts and desires, 2) it should reduce my production of the stress hormones, and 3) it should again start to make my body prioritize my reproductive system.

This should normally improve my libido and make my erectile dysfunction less prevalent.

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