At this point, my body may have already started to slowly re-balance, and I might now be more receptive to sexual stimulation then before. Unless my body was severely distressed or depleted, I should by now have build up some, or perhaps even a strong, sex drive.

If I were having more frequent sexual thoughts, if I were getting more frequent erections or if my morning erections were stronger, these would all be indications that things were improving.

There is a chance that by now, after implementing the actions from the 4 weeks of the step-by-step plan, that my body would have become ready for sex. In other words, it is possible that these changes were all I needed. There would really only be one way to find out, and that would be to try to have sex. So that is what I would do. I would in this week try to have sex once, but only once.

Ideally, I would have preferred to be with an understanding partner, one who would know and understand my conditions and who would be patient and helpful. That would make this part much easier and would hopefully take away any anxiety I might otherwise experience. I would have liked to have her / him fully informed all along, and for us to work towards these goals together.

I would be very straight-to-the-point about the sex. I would not engage in much foreplay – just enough to get an erection, and then proceed to intercourse. The reason is that if I got an erection, but then lost it, it might be much more difficult to get a second erection. In other words, I would have sex as soon as I had a solid erection.

For me, sensations from sex are quite reduced when I wear a condom, so if it would have been safe, I would not wear a condom but go 100% natural. I would also have sex in my favorite position or positions. The reason for not using a condom and having sex in my favorite position(s), is that I would want to maximize the pleasurable sensations from sex as much as possible, and thereby increase the chances that sex would be successful.

However, I would not allow myself to have an orgasm. This is very important. If I did, I would in all likelihood lose a significant amount of the libido I had built up over these four weeks. Therefore, in order to keep myself as highly sexually charged as possible, I would refrain from having an orgasm. To learn more about my experience with orgasm and ejaculation on Truelibido, please go here.

If this sex was successful, I might have already re-balanced my body and mind sufficiently to overcome my erectile dysfunction and libido problems. If this were the case, I could now stop further progress of the program. If I now simply continued the actions from week 1-4 only, this might be enough for me to permanently overcome my sexual problems.

If sex was successful, it would have been an indication that my erectile dysfunction and libido problems probably stemmed from one or more of the following: sexual over-stimulation, nutritional deficiency, smoking / drinking / drug abuse, too little exercise, weak pelvic floor muscles, or too much stress.

And if by maintaining the principles from week 1 -4 for a few weeks, I was able to consistently have sex successfully, I could then experiment with how often I would be able to have sex during a week (and still function well sexually), and find a frequency that was right for me. Perhaps this would be once a week, perhaps twice, maybe even more often.

It is practically impossible for most men to refrain from having orgasms for very long periods of time. We are after all programmed to release sperm periodically to pass on our genes. Therefore, if I was able to have sex successfully, I would allow myself to have an orgasm every now and then, but if possible, only every 4-6 weeks.

Even if I was able to have successful sex after these four weeks, there would be nothing stopping me from continuing to week 5 and beyond of the program, if I wanted to. If I thought I could achieve further progress by following the step-by-step plan, for instance to function even better sexually or have a stronger libido, I could of course do that.

At the same time, if sex was successful and I wanted to try to find the one (or few) cause(s), of my problems, I could reverse actions from the program. I could then try to remove the actions I took on from (for instance) week 4 (stress) (but maintain all other principles), and see if after implementing this for a few weeks, I was still able to function sexually. If I were, then the stress part was probably not responsible for my problems.

And I could then roll back another change, and another change, and so on to try to get to the very bottom of my erectile dysfunction and libido problems.

If I were not able to have fully satisfying sex this time, I would still continue the program. After all, I would only be 5 weeks into the program, and there would still be many more changes to make and much more time for adjusting my body.

If sex was not successful, but I saw improvements, such as getting an erection while having sex but then losing it, or having a stronger libido, I would be encouraged.

If there was no progress at all, I would still stay with the program and be patient.

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