But why is vitamin D3 so important? Is there a link between vitamin D3 and erectile dysfunction (and a weak libido)?

There is, and the link is testosterone. Vitamin D3 is a building block of testosterone. Therefore if the body is deficient in vitamin D3, testosterone production will also normally suffer. In other words, in order for the body to produce testosterone, it needs vitamin D3 because it is one of the ingredients needed to make testosterone. To learn about my experience with lack of sun exposure and vitamin D3 on Truelibido, please go here.

And adequate testosterone levels are absolutely necessary in order to function optimally sexually. With low testosteroneerectile dysfunction and a weak libido are very likely to follow.

Therefore, I would try to ensure that I got enough sunshine so that my body could produce enough vitamin D3

I would therefore during this seventh week try to get approximately 30 minutes of direct sun exposure every day, on average. That doesn’t mean I would need to get sunshine every day, just 30 minutes every day on average. So for instance, if I got 2 hours one day, I could go a few days without any sun. Vitamin D3 can be stored in the body for about a month, so it is therefore not necessary to get sunshine every day.

I would also want to get this sunshine on large parts of my body (upper body, arms, legs, etc.).

And ideally, I would want this exposure close to the middle of the day when the sun is at its strongest. This is because UVB sunrays are easily absorbed by the atmosphere and therefore don’t always reach us. When the sun is low on the horizon, the sunrays have to travel far and most of the UVB sunrays are absorbed.

When the sun shines from straight above, it goes through less atmosphere, and therefore more UVB sunrays reach us. By the way, these UVB sunrays are also stopped by clouds, pollution, and glass, so only by being outside on clear days will provide a good amount of UVB sunrays.

If it was not possible or practical to get enough sun exposure, I could instead take a Vitamin D3 supplement. That said, I would prefer to get my Vitamin D3 from foods and the sun rather than from a supplements, so this would be a last resort.

Not only is sunshine important for enabling our bodies to produce Vitamin D3, but sunshine has several other health benefits as well.

Sunshine can cure depression, prevent and reverse certain cancers, disinfect and heal wounds, protect the heart, lower blood pressure, improve brain function, improve the immune system, lower cholesterol and increase dopamine production. Sunshine is simply a life-giving force that we need in order to function optimally.

I would now be in week 7 of the program. If I had not been able to have satisfactory sex in week 5 or 6, I would try to have sex one more time this week (I would also do this if sex was successful earlier, but I wanted to continue the program).

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Similarly to the preceding two weeks, I would also this time prefer to be with a very understanding and patient partner, and for us to work together towards overcoming my erectile dysfunction and libido problems.

I would also this time be very straight-to-the-point about the sex. I would not engage in much foreplay, just enough to get an erection, and then proceed to intercourse. I would do this, because it can sometime be difficult to ‘re-get’ an erection. So if I first get an erection, then lose it, then it can be more difficult to get the second erection.

I would also have sex in my favorite position(s) as well as, if it were safe, not use a condom. The reason is that sex in my favorite positions and without a condom would make it more pleasurable, and therefore more likely that sex would indeed be successful.

If I was able to have sex successfully, then I should presumably have cured my own erectile dysfunction. I should then, just by diligently maintaining the principles in week 1-7, have solved my erectile dysfunction and potentially also my libido problems.

If I was indeed able to have sex successfully, I could stop further progress of the program. I could now by just maintaining the principles I had learned during these seven weeks, be done with this program and erectile dysfunction.

I would also in this week not have an orgasm. By not having an orgasm, I could continue to build my libido instead of releasing and deflating it. To learn more about my experience with orgasm and ejaculation on Truelibido, please go here.

And if by now I was able to have sex successfully and I had solved my erectile dysfunction and libido problems, it is very likely that these problems were directly caused by one or more of the following: excessive sexual stimulation, nutritional deficiency, smoking / drinking / drug abuse, inadequate exercise, weak pelvic floor muscles, stress, bad sleep of lack of sunshine (or Vitamin D3 deficiency).

I could then experiment with how often I could have sex during a week – and still function well sexually, and find a number that was right for me. Perhaps this would be once a week, perhaps twice, or maybe more frequently.

It is practically impossible for most men to refrain from having orgasms for very long periods of time. Our genes and brains after instruct us to release sperm periodically to pass on our genes.

However, it is still possible to limit the frequency of orgasms. In order to build up a very high libido, I would limit my orgasms to once every 4-6 weeks.

Even if I was able to have successful sex after these seven weeks, there would be nothing preventing me from continuing to week eight and beyond of the program, if I wanted to.

If I thought I could achieve further progress by following the step-by-step plan, for instance to get even harder erections during sex and have a stronger libido, I could of course do that.

At the same time, if sex was successful and I wanted to try to find the one or few causes of my erectile dysfunction and libido problems, I could start to reverse the program. I could then try to remove (for instance) the principles regarding exercise, but still maintaining all other principles. If after a few weeks of doing this, I still functioned well sexually, then the exercise part was probably not responsible for my problems.

And if I wanted to, I could continue to roll back changes one by one to try to get to the bottom of my problems.

By now, one out of three things would have happened:

  • I had cured my erectile dysfunction and libido problems
  • I had not cured my problems, but seen progress
  • I had not cured my problems, and seen no progress

Ideally I would have cured my erectile dysfunction and libido problems. However, even if I had not, I would still continue with the step-by-step plan. There would still be a few weeks left of the program and new changes and more time to help regain sexual functions.

However, I would take note of any progress such as more frequent sexual thought, stronger desire to have sex, getting more frequent erections, etc., as any of these signs would be encouraging and show me that the body responded to the changes I had made.

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