I think I speak for most men when I say that functioning sexually is paramount for our happiness and self-esteem. Being able to have a normal sex-life and a strong libido, is a big part of being a man – it’s key for our confidence and a positive outlook on life. It’s part of our male identity.

Throughout history, the erect penis and a strong sex drive have been symbols of power, fertility and virility. The erect penis has been associated with assertion, confidence, achievement and conquest. There are in other words many alpha-male characteristics associated with male sexuality and an erect penis.

For a man to not be able to ‘get it up’ can be a blow to his masculinity and his confidence. It can turn a man’s world upside down. It did to mine. Not only that, but sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and a low libido will often cause a number of other problems in life, such as loss of self-worth, depression, anxiety, anger, etc.

At the same time as many men suffer from these sexual problems, sex is a topic that is difficult for many people to talk about. It’s very personal, it’s very real, and very raw. It can be embarrassing to open up to other people about this, it may hurt a man’s ego or self-image, and many men resist exposing themselves like this to anyone – even to a medical doctor. As a result, these problems are often simply buried and forgotten, and intended to never be resolved. Or sometimes, people take the shortcut solution of using pharmaceutical drugs.

Burying a problem is normally not a good solution. It will then still remain a problem, the problem may grow, and it is likely to stick its head up to cause complications at unpredictable and potentially unmanageable moments.


To try to solve erectile dysfunction with pharmaceutical drugs can also have several negative consequences. First of all, these drugs don’t fix the underlying cause – they don’t cure a person of erectile dysfunction. The drugs only treat the symptoms (inability to get an erection), and therefore, one would need the drugs potentially for the rest of one’s life to continue to treat these symptoms. The drugs may also have bad side-effects. But even worse, the body can build resistance to the drugs so that the intended effect tapers off, and eventually the drugs can stop working all-together.

This happened to me. I tried solving my problem of erectile dysfunction with pharmaceutical drugs, but my body built resistance to the effectiveness of the drugs and after a while they simply stopped working.

Problems of erectile dysfunction and a lackluster libido, like a number of other problems, can in many cases be solved by first and foremost obtaining the right knowledge and information about the situation. When the situation is adequately understood, only then can one be precise about applying the appropriate actions.

We only have one life to live gentlemen, only one chance to try to live as good of a life as possible. Living a life with buried or unsolved problems is not an optimal way to live this life. If problems can be solved relatively easily, by first understanding the condition and then applying the right remedies, why wouldn’t you solve them? I solved my sexual problems this way – chances are that you too can solve yours.

I fought tough battles against erectile dysfunction and an almost non-existent libido for more than a decade. I tried everything I could think of that could possibly solve my problems.

I spoke to doctors and had blood tests taken, measured testosterone levels, read pretty much every relevant article I could find online, read books, read research studies, spent days in online discussion forums, I changed the way I approached masturbation, porn and sex, I changed my diet several times, tried both nutritional supplements and supplements directly aimed at enhancing sexual functions, I experimented with different forms and amounts of exercise, tried to stress less, tried to relax, tried to change my sleeping habits to get more sleep, experimented with the effects of sunshine, social and psychological factors, I massaged my testicles, and I meditated.

By trying, experimenting and researching for more than 10 years, I eventually found a solution to my problems. Through these years I learned a lot about myself, my body and my mind. One key lesson I learned is that my body and my mind are part of a very, very complex and sophisticated system. And I learned that this system is easily kicked out of balance by the way we live our modern lives.

I found the solution to my problems by making certain changes to the way I lived my life. By listening carefully to my body (and mind) and by catering to it, providing it with what it needed, and removing things that were damaging to it, I was able to restore my libido and overcome erectile dysfunction.


Having to deal with not functioning sexually in my late 20s and early 30s was challenging in more than one way. Firstly, the initial shock I experienced when I realized that I was suffering from erectile dysfunction, simply upended and crashed my world. I couldn’t believe my bad luck! I couldn’t believe that I had to deal with this. I couldn’t believe I was going to have to struggle with sex! As the realization dawned on me, it ripped up my happy and positive self-confidence and left me broken, wounded and despaired.

It then sent me through emotional roller-coasters, bouts of severe anxiety, through dark and depressive thoughts. At some point I had almost become ok with the thought of giving up sex. I had almost given up sex.

Had I had the knowledge I have now when I first encountered these sexual problems, I think I could have overcome my problems quite quickly. Instead of spending more than 10 years fumbling in the dark, I think I could have overcome these conditions in a matter of weeks or months. My life during these 10 years would have been a lot easier had the materials on this website been available to me back then.

There are many men out there who struggle with the same issues that I struggled with. These men may not know what to do to fix the situation. Many of these men are probably shocked and lost like I was, and may have no idea what is happening to their bodies. Many of these men probably also don’t have the right knowledge about their conditions and may therefore not be able to overcome their problems.

I have created this website to share my experiences of suffering from erectile dysfunction and an almost non-existent libido with anyone who is interested in learning. I wanted to share my experiences about having to deal with these conditions at a young age, but most of all, I wanted to share how I was able to permanently overcome and cure – 100% naturally – these two worst enemies of my life.

Not only have I removed these two monsters from my life, but my body and mind are healthy and happy as ever. I feel more alive. In fact, I am so full of energy sometimes that I have to hold myself back. My life-quality is back to where I was before I encountered these problems, if not even higher. I truly feel like a man, my confidence is sky-high, and my outlook on life could hardly be any better.

To help readers understand the two conditions I struggled with, I have created a section called About where I have tried to describe in detail – but at the same time in a language most people can understand – both libido and erectile dysfunction. I have done this because I think it is important to understand these concepts in detail in the event one has a problem with either (or both).

I have also tried to explain in detail how a man’s erection works, or rather the process behind a man’s erection. There are three molecules that are absolutely essential when it comes to libido, erectile functioning and erection, and these are nitric oxide, dopamine and testosterone. I have therefore also tried to explain these in details in the About section, and at the same time tried to make it easy to understand.


In the section called My Experience, I have explained the various factors that caused me to suffer from erectile dysfunction and an almost non-existent libido. I have given each factor (e.g. Stress) its own sub-chapter, and I have tried to explain 1) how this factor normally impacts erectile dysfunction and/or libido, 2) I have tried to (where possible) back this up by scientific evidence, and 3) I have explained how I personally experienced dealing with this factor.

I have had great experiences with supplements, both herbal and non-herbal ones. Therefore, I have also added a section called Supplements, where I have written a detailed description of some of my favorite supplements. I have tried to 1) explain what these supplements are, 2) give some background or history, 3) explain how they are supposed to work, 4) provide scientific backing for these effects, and 5) also include my personal experience using each of them.

I have also created a section called The Solution where I have drawn up a solution for how to overcome erectile dysfunction and libido problems. I have written this section as a step-by-step guide to myself, in the hypothetical scenario I should experience these sexual problems for the first time.

I have created this as a guide to myself, because this is how I solved my own sexual problems. If I were to encounter these problems for the first time today, this would be the fast-track way for me to cure erectile dysfunction and libido problems. I am also not in a position to give medical or health advice. I am not a doctor or a health professional, and I don’t have any medical license or certificate. Therefore, I don’t want to give anyone health advice. I am just a regular guy who spent an awful lot of time to figure out my own body and mind.

The Solution is written as a 22-week program, with specific actions for each week. This step-by-step program tells me exactly what I would need to do on a week-by-week basis in order to solve erectile dysfunction and libido problems.

There are lots of wonderful resources on the internet that I think could be of great help to the readers of Truelibido. I have therefore compiled some of my favorite ones and put them in a section called Resources. Each resource has a a short description and a link to that resource.

Lastly, I am also very keen to hear any feedback from you. I would be very interested in hearing about your experiences with erectile dysfunction and libido, and whether Truelibido was helpful to you. If you have been (or become) a reader of Truelibido, I would greatly appreciate to hear from you. I am very happy to take both positive and negative feedback, and particularly if that can help make Truelibido better for future readers. If you want, you can provide your feedback here.

Thanks and all the best


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