You Can Be Genetically Predisposed For Erectile Dysfunction

Genetics have for a long time been suspected as a factor behind erectile dysfunction, but researches have failed to discover the link.
Until now.
For the first time ever, researches have found evidence that erectile dysfunction can have a genetic cause. Meaning, men with a certain gene are more likely to suffer from ED than other men.
The research study published in The journal Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences, discovered that variations in a specific place in the genome near the SIM1 gene, have a high correlation with an increased risk of erectile dysfunction.
The study found that variations in the SIM1 were associated with a 26% increased risk of erectile dysfunction.
So it has finally been confirmed that ED can be a result of genetics. What this means is that our understanding of erectile dysfunction is even more complex than before, and that ED can have a variety of causes, including lifestyle, side effects from medications, aging, testosterone levels, and genetics.
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